Philippines nationals: Promoting Action on Plastic Pollution from Source to Sea in Asia and the Pacific (Enhancing Knowledge and Creating Enabling Environments for Reducing Marine Plastic Pollution)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: ADB Healthy Oceans Forum Manager

Source: National
TOR Keywords: project and event planning/management

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

In May 2019, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched the Healthy Oceans Action Plan which aims to
scale up investments and technical assistance to $5 billion between 2019-2024. As part of the Action
Plan, ADB will hold an inaugural flagship event – ADB’s Healthy Ocean Tech and Finance Forum, which
will be held online on 26-27 January 2022. The forum aims to share with ADB’s Developing Member
Countries (DMCs) the latest innovations, technologies, and business solutions to generate knowledge and
interest for more and better investments in ocean health in Asia and the Pacific.
The forum will include technology and innovative finance solutions under four thematic tracks: (1) From
Source to Sea: Towards a Plastic Free Ocean; (2) Building Resilience: Investing in Coastal Ecosystems
and Communities; (3) Ocean Finance; and (4) Aquatic/Blue Foods.
A Forum Manager is needed to lead the Forum Secretariat and to plan and oversee delivery of the Forum,
ensuring the objectives of the Forum are achieved.

Scope of Work

The expert will be the lead support to the ADB Project Officer / Forum Lead and be responsible for
managing the Forum Secretariat, and the overall planning, structuring, designing and delivery of the
Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum, pre-, on the day-, and post-event.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The Forum Manager will:

  1. Prepare the Forum concept, including the program structure, knowledge management and partnership
    components and virtual expo, plus core planning documents including workplan, task list and schedule,
    organizational chart, and budget.
  2. Prepare Terms of Reference for the Forum Secretariat, service providers, moderators, and paid
  3. Design and prepare (and keep current) the Forum program/agenda, Forum Presentation Deck, and detailed
    Run of Show.
  4. Manage the Forum Secretariat, ensuring all members understand their roles, responsibilities,
    deliverables, and deadlines. Organize and run weekly Secretariat meetings and manage task follow-up.
    Ensure that timelines are met, according to the Forum workplan.
  5. Together with Session Leads and Virtual Event Producer, ensure VIP guests and Speakers are fully
    briefed and prepared for their plenaries. Support all dry runs with ADB Senior Management, Ministers and
  6. Lead preparation of Session and Speaker Guides.
  7. ‘On the day’ management during the Forum dates on 26-27 January 2022, guiding the Forum Secretariat
    and leading troubleshooting.
  8. Manage delivery of and review the Forum Completion Report.
  9. Lead overall coordination and communications with ADB departments (including ETG, SDCC, operations
    departments, resident missions, senior management offices etc.) government officials, and external event
    partners on the Forum. Ensure all required processes and protocols are followed in dealing with ADB
    Senior Management, Government Ministers and VIPs.
  10. Perform other tasks as may be reasonably assigned by the ADB TA Officer / Forum Lead.

Expected outputs from this assignment are as follows:

  1. Forum Concept Note including budget, organizational chart, schedule.
  2. Presentation Deck.
  3. Terms of Reference for Forum Secretariat, service providers, moderators, and paid speakers.
  4. Detailed Forum Program / Agenda.
  5. Run of Show.
  6. On-the-Day Forum Management.
  7. Forum Completion Report.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant must have experience working in Asia and the Pacific as a manager of regional and high-
level events. The expert must have highly-developed project and event planning/management skills, and be
highly experienced in the design and delivery of successful programs/events helping to achieve SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals). Previous experience delivering ADB events, and knowledge of ADB’s
Strategy 2030, key operational priorities and programs on natural capital, healthy oceans, and other
environment sustainability programs, are also required. The expert must be proactive, have excellent
planning and communication skills (written and verbal), proven ability to adapt and problem-solve during
live events, and be experienced in delivering events involving diverse stakeholders, including senior
government officials and ADB senior management.




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