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About the School of Environment and Sustainability (SES)

The School of Environment and Sustainability (SES) at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements is building a team of environmental researchers and technicians to support the inter-disciplinary research, teaching and practice goals of the SES as part of its urban ecology initiative.

The emerging Long-Term Urban Ecological Observatory (LTUEO) at the Kengeri campus of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements is an important part of the SES and will integrate state of the art observation and measurement systems for biodiversity, air, water and soil and ecosystem services to serve the needs of sustainable management of the campus and function as a research and educational resource for the larger community.

Job Description

IIHS requires a hydrologist on its SES team, to bring in a strong focus on understanding, modelling and communicating the dynamics of the hydrogeology/ hydrology (surface coupled with ground-water) of the campus and the neighbouring ecosystems (lake, forest and urban) to IIHS teams, as well as to other diverse scientific, public and general audiences.

The sustainable use, conservation and management of water on campus in an adaptive evidence-based frame-work will be one of the immediate goals of the incumbent’s monitoring and research activities. The role will require spending quality time on the IIHS Kengeri Campus, along with providing hydrology/hydrogeology-related support as needed on other IIHS projects under the SES elsewhere.

Activities and Tasks

Responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Coordinating collection and analyses of all hydrologic data from gauges in and around the campus on a weekly basis and, in case of intense or extreme or novel events, on a sub-daily basis;
  • Assisting in the installation and maintenance of gauges;
  • Sharing hydrologic data and its interpretation with the Dean – SES, other IIHS teams, and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Assisting in the modelling and monitoring of the coupled hydrogeology, hydrology, water-use, recycling and conservation and wastewater treatment on the campus and the LTUEO;
  • Coordinating with other IIHS teams on monitoring and tracking water quality and end-use efficiency;
  • Providing hydrologic/ hydrogeologic support to IIHS projects within and outside Bengaluru on a case by case basis;
  • Preparing regular updates for IIHS communication outputs;
  • Contributing to knowledge sharing events, publications and presentations featuring IIHS’s hydrological activities, observations and findings at appropriate internal and external forums as needed;
  • Participating in hydrology-related teaching and training activities; contributing to curriculum design and the development of teaching materials, including case studies, as relevant;
  • Mentoring younger team members, supervising their work as needed;
  • Actively contributing to grant raising, proposal writing, and growing the resource base to fund scaling up of the SES;
  • Providing support to other IIHS activities including academics, research, training, practice, operations and others;
  • Participating in all activities of Institution-Building at IIHS; carrying out tasks as assigned by IIHS; and travelling on IIHS work within or outside the country as and when needed.

Structure and Reporting

The Hydrologist will be an Associate /Senior Associate reporting to the Dean – School of Environment and Sustainability at IIHS and will be required to collaborate effectively with other IIHS teams, external individuals/organizations, and students.

Person Specification

We are seeking a Master’s with experience or a PhD trained in both field hydrogeology and hydrology (instrumented catchments: from rainfall to surface and sub-surface flow and ground-water measurements using automated rain and water level gauges, observation wells, piezometers) as well as use of mechanistic models (e.g. USGS GSFLOW) that can couple surface and ground-water dynamics. Remote sensing and GIS capability, and knowledge of R statistical software, would be highly desirable.

This offer is on an exclusive basis, which implies that other professional assignments (whether compensated or not) that bear a potential conflict of interest with IIHS cannot be undertaken.

The search will remain open until the position is filled.


This position is based in Bengaluru and requires quality time to be spent on the IIHS Kengeri Campus, with travel to other locations in India as needed.

Review and Assessment

The role and performance of the incumbent shall be subject to normal review and assessment systems at IIHS.

Diversity Policy

IIHS is an equal opportunity employer that encourages women, people with disabilities and those from economically and socially excluded communities with the requisite skills and qualifications to apply for positions.

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