Sanitation Engineer


Naivasha, Kenya 🇰🇪

Job Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Work experience: 3 years

Language skills: English

Job Summary

Contract Type: Full time

Quick summary

Sanivation is a social enterprise that partners with local governments in Africa to create clean, healthy, and productive cities through waste management.

The technical team is seeking an engineer with 3+ years’ experience in sanitation engineering to help us produce innovative solutions to complex design problems through a research-driven approach  

This is a full-time role based in Naivasha, Kenya. 

About Sanivation

Our mission is to improve the dignity, health, and environments of urbanizing communities in low-income countries. We have been operating in Kenya since 2014, partnering with local governments to support the research, design, implementation, and monitoring of safely managed sanitation. We utilize market-based approaches, combined with integrated stakeholder engagement, to create, implement, and operate lasting fecal sludge management (FSM) solutions. 

Because of our experience of operating across all phases of the fecal sludge management (FSM) value chain from a for-profit enterprise perspective, we understand how theory meets practice to drive service delivery.  Having seen too often failed or forgotten sanitation infrastructure, we inherently understand the need for understanding local context and market-driven business models to ensure lasting solutions. It is from our continual operational experience that we are on the forefront of innovative financing options and FSM market solutions. We approach sanitation from the perspective of an operator, ensuring viable, impactful solutions.   

Role Overview 

The technical team leads project delivery for sanitation design within the company. We are a pioneer in the WASH sector and therefore have a strong research team, devoted to proving new innovative solutions and optimizing existing ones. Our department provides technical support to other departments in the company inclusive of feasibility studies, construction/site supervision, proposal writing, project implementation, and much more. 

This role will report directly to the Technical Lead, and work with the technical team with design, data collection and analysis, and report writing. This role will be full-time based in Naivasha, but consist of short-term travel around Kenya. We are looking for someone to produce creative and innovative solutions to complex problems, using a research-driven approach and using strong data analytical skills. 


  • Design
    • Assist the technical lead and external design teams with engineering design and technical report writing 
      • With a focus on completing designs for Sanivation’s innovative WASH technologies; treatment plants, waste-to-value tech, solid waste facilities, transfer facilities, containment technologies, and much more.
    • Utilizing data to make design discissions
    • Working with project managers, operations teams, and external stakeholders to take projects from concept through to, construction, commissioning, and full operations 
    • Assist with financial modelling of new solutions and technologies to aid evaluation analysis 
  • Research 
    • Support research tasks and scientific report writing; advanced data collection and analysis to fill project, company, and sector knowledge gaps 
    • Assisting the Technical Lead and Snr. Research Officer to complete large research projects
    • Assist project based situational analysis; sanitation gap analysis, sludge quantification and qualification etc. 
    • Company and sector knowledge gap filling; a lot of the solutions created at Sanivation have never been done before, the Sanitation Engineer will work with the research team to fill these gaps 
  • Technical support 
    • Lead correspondence with colleagues and external stakeholders to provide sanitation expertise 
    • Fully understand Sanivation’s technology and the technological possibilities throughout the WASH sector 
    • Lead writing small proposals and support large proposals 
    • Supporting capacity building of water service providers (WSPs)/utilities and private sector service providers 

Personal Attributes 

  • Data and research driven decision maker
  • Excellent analytical ability for problem solving 
  • Creative and innovative thinker 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, people, and timelines 
  • Strives for the highest standard of final deliverables 
  • Confidence to challenge assumptions and behaviour – to say the unpopular thing, raise opposing viewpoints and questions decisions made from above

Experience required 

  • University degree in engineering  
  • 3+years’ work experience as an engineer in water, sanitation, wastewater or similar sector
    • Preferably in Kenya or East Africa 
  • Experience working on design and infrastructure projects from concept, through feasibility, design, construction, and commissioning 
  • Experience collecting and analysing large data sets 
    • Preferably as part of large research projects 
  • Strong technical report writing skills 

Experience desired 

  • Advanced data analysis skills 
  • Confidence working with GIS 
  • Experience in faecal sludge management engineering (FSM)
  • Registered with an institution and working towards professional engineering qualification
  • Experience checking/reviewing detailed design and design drawings 
  • Experience creating financial models 
  • Experience completing proposals to win engineering work