ADB/GEF Project Development Specialist (Pacific SIDS Ocean Finance)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Expertise: Ocean Finance
Expertise Group: Biological Sciences & Ecology

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: GEF, Pacific, Ocean Finance

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

In May 2019, ADB launched the Healthy Oceans Action Plan which aims to scale up investments and
technical assistance to $5 billion between 2019-2024. As part of the Action Plan ADB has approved a
knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) Building Coastal Resilience through Nature Based and
Integrated Solutions. A component of this requires identifying the necessary policies and investments to
enhance coastal resilience and sustainably manage coastal ecosystems, including identifying sustainable
coastal livelihood and economic development opportunities with special attention to vulnerable groups
and women’s empowerment.

Supporting this objective in the Pacific the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with UNEP,
has concept approval from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for the “Pacific Island to Island (I2I)
Regional Project: Ocean Health for Ocean Wealth – The Voyage to a Blue Economy for the Blue Pacific
Continent”. The objective of the project will be: “To preserve and safeguard the health of ocean
ecosystems while catalyzing the development and growth of sustainable blue economies (SBE) in Pacific
Island Countries.” It proposes 4 main outcomes, including: (i) Enabling Environment for Sustainable
Blue Economy (SBE) — regional blue economy priorities, pathways, delivery strategies, and SBE
financing and investment mechanisms, (ii) Sustainable Blue Economy Investments developed and
implemented, producing “success templates” for replication and upscaling of best practices, (iii)
Upscaling of SBE enabled through SBE knowledge products and support services, and a (iv) SBE Regional
Knowledge Platform and Decision Support Framework.

ADB requires services of a Project Development Specialist: Pacific SIDS Ocean Finance, to work closely
with the Pacific DMC Governments, UNEP, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
(SPREP), and other regional and national stakeholders, in the preparation of the detailed Request for
CEO Endorsement (CER) and supporting documentation.

Scope of Work

The ADB/GEF Project Development Specialist – Pacific SIDS Ocean Finance shall contribute to the
formulation of a complete CER package for the referenced project, to be submitted to the GEF, along with
guidance notes on processing the GEF funds internally at ADB.

With particular reference to COVID-19, any need for international and national travel shall be assessed
by ADB and the Consultant, using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to ADB’s approval, the
Consultant may use remote video technology meetings to replace face-to-face meetings as considered

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Working closely with the ADB/GEF coordination team, the Environment Thematic Group (ETG), the Pacific
Regional Department, the Pacific Sub-Regional Office (in Suva), the Pacific Coordination and Liaison
Office (PCLO in Sydney) and relevant resident missions and country offices, the specialist will:

  1. Consult, coordinate and collaborate with UNEP, the Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment
    Programme (SPREP), relevant Pacific DMC Governments, and other stakeholders in project design and
  2. Review key documents, postings and literature on oceans finance published globally
  3. Ensure that project design / development aligns well with planned ADB activities and investments in
    selected Pacific DMCs
  4. Assist UNEP, SPREP and a team of other specialists in preparation of the GEF CER package (supporting
    documentation included), in conformity with all the requirements for GEF 7 Full Sized Projects (FSPs).
    This includes, but is not limited to: (i) Project justification, (ii) Associated projects and baseline
    investments, iii) Relevance to GEF (multilateral environment agreements, focal area objectives etc),
    along with regional and national priorities and policies, (iii) Alternative scenario, (iv) Stakeholder
    engagement plan, (v) Gender assessment and action plan, (vi) Private sector engagement, (vii) Global
    environment benefits (GEBs), (viii) Climate screening / assessment, (ix) Risk assessment and management,
    including relevance to “building back better”, (x) Environment and social safeguards, and (xi) Project
  5. More specific to the above, ensure that the proposed ADB work under Component 2 of the project on
    ‘national pilot sub-projects’ is clearly articulated in line with operational priorities and pipeline
    initiatives of PARD
  6. Support the project development team in response to feedback and formal project reviews by GEF
    Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), GEF Secretariat, GEF Council and others
  7. Assist in processing the GEF funds, internally at ADB, through preparation of detailed guidance
    notes, and
  8. Participate in relevant meetings, seminars, conferences and other fora as needed.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The candidate should have the following minimum qualification requirements:

  1. Graduate degree in marine sciences, oceanography, natural resources management, business
    administration and finance or relevant field, from a recognized university
  2. Solid understanding of policy and institutional frameworks for oceans, coastal and marine management,
    governance and finance in the Pacific SIDS countries, with knowledge of programs of UNEP and SPREP,
    among others
  3. Demonstrated track record working directly with Governments in Pacific SIDS DMCs in advancing
    sustainable development programs and projects in oceans, coastal and marine management, covering such
    themes as integrated waste management, renewable energy, urban and coastal resilience, marine protected
    area (MPA) management and others
  4. Prior direct working relationship with ADB PARD supporting GEF project conceptualization and
    preparation activities. Must have contributed to at least 3 successful GEF applications on behalf of
    ADB/PARD, and
  5. Ability to work across a range of government and intergovernmental agencies, multilateral
    institutions and with a team of multidisciplinary specialists and experts.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 8 Years