Knowledge and Communications Consultant (Kenya)



The Kenya team seeks a knowledge and communications consultant to develop, plan, and disseminate key insights from its evidence base in Kenya through a tailored communications strategy with the ultimate goal of persuading other financial institutions to incorporate water and sanitation lending into their loan products. See attached ToR for full description.

The Consultant would seek to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To develop a communication and media strategy to enhance sector engagement.
  2. Develop learning materials such as case studies and other knowledge pieces to demonstrate the viability of water and sanitation lending.
  3. To steer planning and organization of webinars and conferences with various sector stakeholders including government and private sector representatives.

Consultants should have a strong background in communications targeted to financial institutions, WASH sector stakeholders, and the Kenyan government.

Skills and Experience
To be considered for this project, the consultant must possess the following skills:

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in journalism and/or in communications.
  • Strong background in communications targeted to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and governments, experiences in financial sector and market-based WASH programming will be an advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing content that clearly communicates ideas and experiences for media, events, web, print production, and audio-visual productions. Specific experience in Kenya is a plus.

Proposal Requirements
Individual consultants, consortia, or firms may apply. To respond to these terms of reference, please send the following to Katrina Green [email protected] and Mary Ngunjiri [email protected] before 5:00 PM CST November 29th 2021.

  • Brief technical proposal outlining the proposed approach, no more than 8 pages
  • Budget proposal using budget template (see attached), not to exceed USD 30,000
  • Tentative timeline, with key milestone dates identified
  • List of qualifications highlighting similar past work, including no more than 3 examples of relevant
  • work





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