Pakistan nationals: Infrastructure Specialist (River Training Works) (National Disaster Risk Management Fund)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: Infrastructure (River Works Training)
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: Infrastructure- River Works Training

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) is a not-for-profit company incorporated with the
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. It is
a government-owned non-banking financial intermediary with a corporate structure. The NDRMF is working
for reducing the socio-economic and fiscal vulnerability of the country and its population to natural
hazards by prioritizing and financing investments in disaster risk reduction and preparedness that have
high economic benefits, taking into account climate change, as well as disaster risks and their
impacts. The initial financing of the NDRMF is through ADB loan funds to the Government of Pakistan,
equivalent of $200.0 million and an Australian grant equivalent of $3.4 million. The Government will
award this money to the NDRMF as a grant, for on-granting to eligible implementing partners. The NDRMF
will finance up to 70% of the cost of eligible subprojects that will enhance Pakistan’s resilience to
extreme weather events and other natural hazards. The NDRMF will also support disaster risk financing
component execution and associated insurance industry linkages to develop markets for the transfer of
residual risks that cannot be mitigated.

Scope of Work

The Infrastructural Specialist will act as a technical resource to guide the program/project team on the
feasibility and design related issues of the flood protection infrastructure and mitigation work of the
Fund like flood protection bunds construction/improvement and embankment construction etc. He/she will
work under the direct supervision of the Head of P&O Group and will provide technical support to the
partners, and serve as an advisor to the Fund on feasibility, design, budgetary requirements, technical
monitoring, integration of risk reduction measures and supervision of the infrastructure resilience
work. The person will also support the other units, especially MHVRA unit for the evaluation of
structural vulnerability on intermittent basis. The person will led the overall technical efforts for
effective utilization of NDRMF funds for the implementation structural/infrastructural activities.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Detailed Tasks:

• Assist the NDRMF staff in assessing the overall structural and geotechnical (foundation) integrity of
the barrage system and other river works in Pakistan;
• Assist the NDRMF staff in assessing the feasibility and engineering solution on flood structural
protection and mitigation work;
• Support the NDRMF staff in analyzing quantity and design options for all grant proposals for flood
infrastructure to be constructed in line with National Flood Protection Plan IV;
• Will assist FIPs technically in design, BOQs preparation, endorsement of the potential projects and
technical monitoring during implementation.
• Review the detailed structural design, bills of quantities and technical specifications for all grant
proposals and report it to the Fund management;
• Ensure procedures/practices that increase the long term structural integrity of bridges, barrages,
bridges etc.;
• Assist in the categorization of structures for vulnerability analysis in relation to probable hazard
• Highlight to the NDRMF staff structural design options for cross, regulators, distributary and minor
canal head regulators, escapes, and road bridges that are cost-effective.

Expected Outputs / Deliverables:

The Consultant will furnish the following but not limited to, as per the Fund requirements, in a timely

a. Appraisal Report(s): Providing support for preliminary and extended appraisals of projects proposals
/ PC1 from hydrology perspectives, submitted to NDRMF (time consumption is depended upon the number of
projects received in NDRMF), and production precise comments / reports for making decisions;
b. Project Prioritization: Help in prioritizing projects based on mains rivers hydrology and potential
c. Field Visit Reports: Filed visit for extended project appraisal (if required), and technical
discussion / meetings with project sponsor / FIPs;
d. Design Review Report(s): Design review of hydrological parameters for NDRMF accepted projects, and
suggestions for improvement in design as per the national and international practices;
e. Any other task assigned by GM-POG, related to the expertise, on mutually agreed timelines.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Minimum Qualification

Master’s degree or advance degree (minimum 18 years education) or equivalent in civil engineering, water
resources engineering, disaster management, hydrological engineering, geological engineering or any
relevant field.

Work Experience

• Have minimum 10 years of relevant experience and extensive knowledge of the DRR Infrastructural
development project in Pakistan and acquaint with all standards and specification of the country;

Knowledge and skills

• Extensive knowledge of the Indus River System of Pakistan and having experience and expertise in the
river works,
• Demonstrated ability to deliver high quality outputs while working under pressure and within tight
time schedules;
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with Government officials and technical staff and with other
• Strong written and oral communication skills, with demonstrated ability to make effective
presentations to diverse audiences.
• Profound knowledge of project development, organizational development, and performance evaluation.
• Strong report writing and presentation skills.


The selected Consultant shall require to get him/herself registered with Income & Sales Tax Departments
as per Laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan before launching any Payment Claims.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years





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