PhD: Multi-criteria approaches to ensure the spatio-temporal consistency of water fluxes within a semi-distributed hydrological model


Antony, France 🇫🇷

INRAE presentation

The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) is a public research establishment. It is a community of 12,000 people with more than 200 research units and 42 experimental units located throughout France. The institute is among the world leaders in agricultural and food sciences, in plant and animal sciences, and is 11th in the world in ecology and environment. INRAE’s main goal is to be a key player in the transitions necessary to address major global challenges. In the face of the increase in population, climate change, scarcity of resources and decline in biodiversity, the institute develops solutions for multiperformance agriculture, high quality food and sustainable management of resources and ecosystems.

Work environment, missions and activities

You will be welcomed in the HYCAR research unit (Anthropized Continental Hydrosystems: Resources, Risks, Restoration), which gathers, on the Antony site (92), about forty scientists including 20 permanent staff. The unit is composed of three teams working respectively on ecological engineering (ARTEMHYS), river hydroecology (HEF) and watershed hydrology (HYDRO). You will be positioned at the heart of a very dynamic unit in the fields of modeling and observation, HYCAR being internationally recognized for its hydrological and ecological models and databases.
 It will aim to answer the following questions:
– How to constrain the spatial coherence of groundwater exchanges between watersheds in a semi-distributed conceptual modeling?
– Can the hydrogeological watershed be used as a spatial scale for validating surface water balances in such models?
– Can we improve the physical realism of subsurface exchanges in a semi-distributed hydrological model by multi-criteria or multi-variable constraints, without compromising its performance for surface flow simulation?
Your work will be part of the ANR CIPRHES project (, which aims at developing integrated forecasting chains for low-flow and drought forecasting, to feed forecasting services for water managers, such as the PREMHYCE platform ( Your research will thus contribute to the development of more robust models for these forecasting objectives.

– Activity in Antony (92, Île-de-France), mainly on computer workstation,
– Professional travels for project meetings and promotion actions (conferences in particular),
– Partial telecommuting possible,
– Building not adapted to people with motor disabilities,
– Access to a collective restaurant for lunch,
– On-site parking,
– Easy access by public transport (

Training and skills

Master’s degree/Engineering degree

– Master 2 level or engineering school in the field of hydrology, earth sciences or hydrological modeling
– General hydrology
– Notion of hydrogeology
– Hydrological modeling
– Programming (R and/or Fortran)   
– Experience in hydrological modeling

INRAE’s life quality

By joining our teams, you benefit from (depending on the type of contract and its duration):

– up to 30 days of annual leave + 15 days “Reduction of Working Time” (for a full time);
– parenting support: CESU childcare, leisure services;
– skills development systems: trainingcareer advise;
– social support: advice and listening, social assistance and loans;
– holiday and leisure services: holiday vouchers, accommodation at preferential rates;
– sports and cultural activities;
– collective catering.

How to apply






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