Africa nationals: Scholarship for Master on “Water Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge and Management”



The Water Academy (SRD) through the UNINETTUNO University is offering 10 online scholarships for the Masters in Water Awareness, consciousness, knowledge and management.

The award is for qualified African nationals in the water sector below the age of 35 for the academic year 2021/2022.

Applicants can send their CVs and motivational letters to [email protected].

Aims and professionalizing objectives
The Master’ Course in “Water Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge and Management” has been carefully conceived to offer a high-level holistic educational offer on the issue of water and water resources, with a focus on the development of a new Culture of Water, based on the highly respected activities of Water Academy SRD and specifically detailed in the “Geneva Water Initiative” released in 2017.

In particular, the attention is focused on two main aspects strictly related to the awareness and widespread and inclusive approach to water as the main source of life, that obviously should be considered always more in the future as a “Common Good”: the separation of the different forms of knowledges on this theme delayed the achievement of this goal, today needed more then ever.

By overcoming the traditional distinction between scientia and esperentia, also thanks to the diffusion of the educational policy known as “learning by doing”, we then achieved a useful synthesis of a specific knowledge that is functional to the attainment of a truly integrated and deep learning that allows to grasp the analogies and differences between problems that are actually recurring in their cyclic nature (and often even in their original matrix), even if ever different in their outbreak. Offering together different knowledges, allow our Students to benefit of an innovative training process always more needed by the main Actors in the Public as well as in the Private sector, almost everywhere.

Learning methodology
The Internet-based training activities take place in a web-based macro-area which is called the Didactic Cyberspace. In the Didactic Cyberspace the training and learning process takes place and accesses are diversified through customized login and password based on the role of the players of the educational path: professors, tutors and students. These three categories of users can access the same information regarding each subject. The three user’s profiles can access the same information related to each module. More specifically, the Professor and Tutor can modify or replace training materials and add new ones for the whole course duration, whereas the student can dispose of an area of his own where he can include data, information and personal notes.

In the pages related to each Module there are the Learning Environments where is possible to access:

Training Materials which represent the course contents: digitized video lessons including bookmarks allowing for hypertextual and multimedia linking to books, selected bibliographical references, texts of the exercises, lists of selected websites. The system of dynamic bookmarks gives the Internet-based video lessons a hypertextual character allowing different levels of navigation: from one lesson to the other one, among subjects of a single lesson, between the materials referring to the same subject.
Distance Tutoring. The students enrolled in the Master’s course will be assisted in every step of their study path by Professors-Tutors. The Telematic Professor-Tutor, represents a guide as well as a constant presence along the Learning Process. The distance tutoring activities can take place:
in a synchronic manner, by using chats, videochats, video and audio-conferencing, implemented in the Didactic Cyberspace, but also the three-dimensional classroom created on the UNINETTUNO Island of knowledge on Second Life.
in a diachronic manner, through Internet-based forums. The Internet-based forums, related to the topics of the video lessons, allow the students to play an active role in discussions and develop collaborative learning.
Virtual Classroom in UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge on Second Life. On UNINETTUNO (International Telematic University) Island of Knowledge a 3D lecture hall was realized and it is devoted to this master’s courses. In this environment the students and professors/tutors’ avatars interact in the three-dimensional world of UNINETTUNO by their voice. Practice work, assessment tests, collaborative learning models guided, in real time, by the Teachers/Tutors’ avatars take place.
Interactive classrooms: In UNINETTUNO Interactive Classrooms teachers and students live in an immersive-collaborative educational dimension. The students utilize interactive tools, they carry on practice work, mid-term assessment tests, exam simulations, they discuss and learn in a cooperative and collaborative way and become active constructors of knowledge. UNINETTUNO Interactive Classrooms allow teachers and students for adopting various educational interaction modes:
Flipped Classroom
Teaching processes and procedures
Collaborative project work
Exams tests simulations
Training activities structure
The Master’s Course lasts one academic year corresponding to a total amount of 60 credits (CFU) including video lessons, seminars, exercises, videoconferences, tutored activities, research work and the Final Master Thesis.

And all our Students will benefit too, of the entrance in the exclusive group of Water Academy SRD stakeholders, with great advantages for their personal individual growth and professional career.

The Master’s Course will be delivered in English.






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