Preliminary Assessment of the Water well drilling sector in Angola

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Job Number: 2016 C005 | Vacancy Link
Location: Angola
Work Type : Consultancy

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Purpose of the Assignment


The objective of the consultancy is that the status of water well drilling in Angola is clearly documented and visualised, with clear recommendations for how it could be strengthened to ensure the provision of cost-effective boreholes.

Assignment Tasks

Code of Practice Principle


Professional Drilling Enterprises and Consultants – Construction of drilled water wells and supervision is undertaken by professional and competent organisations which adhere to national standards and are regulated by the public sector.


Siting – Appropriate siting practices are utilised and competently and scientifically carried out.


Construction Method – The construction method chosen for the borehole is the most economical, considering the design and available techniques in-country. Drilling technology needs to match the borehole design.


Procurement – Procurement procedures ensure that contracts are awarded to experienced and qualified consultants and drilling contractors.


Design and Construction – The borehole design is cost-effective, designed to last for a lifespan of 20 to 50 years, and based on the minimum specification to provide a borehole which is fit for its intended purpose.


Contract Management, Supervision and Payment – Adequate arrangements are in place to ensure proper contract management, supervision and timely payment of the drilling contractor


Data and Information – High quality hydrogeological and borehole construction data for each well is collected in a standard format and submitted to the relevant Government authority.


Database and Record Keeping – Storage of hydrogeological data is undertaken by a central Government institution with records updated and information made freely available and used in preparing subsequent drilling specifications.


Monitoring – Regular visits to water users with completed boreholes are made to monitor functionality in the medium as well as long term with the findings published.

Expected Deliverables

The main deliverables of the consultancy are:

  • Short inception report that elaborates on the study methodology, timeline and proposed stakeholders to be interviewed.
  • At least two verbal (face-to-face) meetings (with summary PPT presentations) during the study, with UNICEF Angola reporting on progress and key findings.
  • Draft report (in English and Portuguese) covering the questions and information requirements in Table A1.1 and other pertinent issues raised.
  • Final report (in English and Portuguese) covering the questions and information requirements in Table A1.1 and other pertinent issues raised.
  • 30 minute presentation (with PPT slides) summarizing the key findings and recommendations

Qualifications of Successful Candidate

  • Extensive experience regarding groundwater provision for rural water supplies in sub-Saharan Africa (technologies and implementation approaches).
  • Familiarity with NGO, Government and private sector (indigenous and foreign) participation in water supply programmes and projects.
  • Proven experience of engaging with different stakeholders (Government, development partners, NGOs, private sector).
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and report writing skills.
  • Fluent in Portuguese and/or Spanish, and proficient in English.
  • She/he must have a history of on-time, high-quality product delivery and excellent report writing skills.


  • A master’s degree in hydrogeology, geology or a bachelor’s degree and at least ten years of practical experience in drilling siting, supervision and contract management

Years of relevant experience

least ten years of practical experience in drilling siting

Competencies of Successful Candidate


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Opening Date 30 Aug 2016 W. Central Africa Standard Time
Closing Date 13 Sep 2016 W. Central Africa Standard Time