Monitoring and Evaluation Internship

Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Stockholm, Sweden
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International Organization
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Not Specified


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


GWP’s vision is a water secure world. To realise this vision GWP supports countries to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development. This is pursued by promoting Integrated Water Resources Management, a cross-sectoral policy approach, designed to replace the traditional, fragmented sectoral approach that has led to poor services and unsustainable resource use. As a means to achieving long-term impact towards water security, GWP seeks to influence water governance processes through the promotion of Integrated Water Resources Management principles. Policy development, strategic planning, legislative change, investment planning and transboundary agreements are examples of such processes and it is here that GWP actively contributes both ‘inside’ and ‘outside the water box’ at the global, regional, national and subnational levels.

Main tasks

1.     Support to the development of GWP country profiles

The intern will support the development of country profiles using the wealth of information captured in the GWP M&E databases. These profiles will showcase what GWP does at country level, including the details of each platform and the country level portfolio. The resulting work will be displayed on an on-line map, using a design similar to the GWP Water Governance Results Map.

The objectives of this new GWP country-level map are to:

·      Inform the public on GWP activities at country level

·      Promote the GWP portfolio targeting current and potential donors

·      Turn the current available data into information, supporting the development of country-level programmes

This workstream will be developed through:

·      Building a conceptual schema of the existing GWP databases

·      Based on the existing system, develop a database that contains the information needed, creating easily understandable and appealing country profiles

·      Ensuring the database in supported by our website and Map structures

The intern will receive support from the Senior M&E Officer and the Network Operations Programme Assistant. Due to the multiple purposes of the envisaged map, the intern will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Communications Unit as well as the Resources Mobilisation team.

2.     Assistance in the development of GWP Impact Stories

With the aim of describing GWP’s high level results to an external audience and demonstrating added value to existing and potential donors, GWP is developing short stories that describe how the organisation’s work has led to tangible water governance outcomes and, ultimately, impact on the ground (i.e. increased investments in water security and socio-economic improvements in people’s lives, which typically materialise after a time lag of one or more years). The Impact Stories aim to document what actually resulted after a national IWRM plan was approved, a River Basin Organisation was established, a water use allocation tool was operationalised, etc. By showing such downstream results, GWP is in a stronger position to justify why the approach it has adopted to target governance processes is effective in moving towards its vision of water security.

The intern will support the development of these Impact Stories through:

·      Analysis of information contained in GWP’s M&E databases

·      Online research

·      Communication with relevant Regional and/or Country Water Partnerships (and potentially other stakeholders)

·      Drafting of stories (2-4 pages each) according to a set template

Back up support on story selection and development will be provided by the Senior M&E Officer and the Network Operations Programme Assistant.

3.     General support to GWP M&E and Programme management

It is envisaged that the intern will provide general support to the GWPO Network Operations Unit according to need. Potential tasks include:

·      Further M&E work such as the processing of GWP Monthly Reports and information collection and sharing

·      Assistance to other GWPO thematic focal points on theme development

·      Assistance to GWPO Network Officers on GWP Regional and Country support functions