PhD Position on Water Resources Planning

Penn State University

State College, PA, USA

We’re recruiting Ph.D. students for funded positions starting in Fall 2022.
Our group is applies computation, policy analysis and data science to inform water resources planning and advance our understanding of how humans and environmental systems interact. We use artificial intelligence, modeling, visual analytics and high performance computing to explore the behavior of human-natural systems and inform planning for resilient and sustainable futures. We value interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity in background and training, and good communication skills. Some of the questions we’ll be working on include:

  • How is climate and other stressors affecting water resources?

  • How are human systems interacting with each other and with environmental systems?

  • How can we capture network effects and interactions between users of water resource systems across scales?

Desired qualifications
Ideal PhD students:​

  • have good communication skills, both in speaking and writing

  • enjoy collaborative working environments 

  • have computational research skills (programming and statistics)

  • have expertise in at least one of the following: water resources, complex adaptive systems, mathematical modeling

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