Environmental/Climate Evaluation Officer

Washington, DC, US


The World Bank Group (WBG) works to promote poverty reduction and shared prosperity in developing countries. Recognizing that climate change poses a threat to the progress made in both realms over the past several decades, the WBG takes an integrated approach to addressing climate change across the organization. Facilitating the Bank Group’s increased climate focus is the recent commitment by WBG President Jim Yong Kim that the WBG will seek to increase its climate-related financing from our current 21% level to 28% by 2020.

The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) is the organizational unit in the World Bank Group providing evaluation and feedback on the development effectiveness of Bank Group activities in client countries.   IEG is independent of Bank Group management and reports directly to the Board of Executive Directors, with day-to-day oversight by the Board’s Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE).  

The role and visibility of IEG has grown in recent years and is expected to expand further as the Bank Group, and the broader development community, continue to stress the importance of development effectiveness, evaluation, and monitoring for results especially in the context of the new global poverty reduction targets.  The management of IEG is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality, relevance, professionalism, and integrity in IEG’s evaluation activities and to attracting top-quality staff to that end. In response to the growing commitment to climate change and environment in the WBG, IEG has established a Strategic Engagement Area in environmental sustainability, and is strengthening its capacity for evaluation of environment and climate related operations and policies.  

IEG’s Financial, Private Sector and Sustainable Development Department is responsible for the Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group’s work on Financial and Private Sector Development and Sustainable Development, including work on the environment and natural resources, climate change, agriculture, social, urban, rural, and resilience, and infrastructure. The environment/climate change evaluation specialist will be part of the ENR/AG/CC cluster team that reviews Bank Group operational and policy work on environment and natural resources, agriculture, and climate change themes.  Its work encompasses both large thematic evaluations related to these areas, as well as the undertaking of reviews at the project level of bank operations in these areas. IEG is also piloting systems for the evaluation of Bank analytical and advisory operations.

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background.  Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.  All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The environmental/climate evaluation officer will contribute directly to IEG evaluations. This work will include conducting project-level validations and evaluations, contributing to larger thematic, sectoral, and corporate evaluations, overseeing contributions from consultants, contributing to budget and team oversight, and commenting on the work of others. This work will require collaboration across departmental boundaries with colleagues in IEG’s Country, Economic Management, Corporate, and Human Development Department working on country evaluations, as well as within the Financial, Private Sector and Sustainable Development Department. The role will also involve liaising with the relevant Global Practices and Cross Cutting Solution Areas within the WBG.

The Environmental/climate Evaluation Officer will have the following primary responsibilities:

• Provide intellectual contributions for project, thematic and country evaluations within the ENR/AG/CC cluster in the areas of climate change and related fields;

• Independently prepare project-level validations and evaluations, including Implementation Completion and Results Report Reviews (ICRRs) and field-based Project Performance Assessments (PPARs) as needed;

• Participate in large sector and thematic evaluations by assessing the development effectiveness of World Bank Group assistance primarily in the areas related to environment and climate change  mitigation including carbon finance; market and non-market based instruments for GHG emission reductions; environment, IFC performance standards and WB safeguards. Topics of ongoing and upcoming evaluations can be found in IEG’s three-year rolling Work program (http://ieg.worldbankgroup.org/Data/fy16_ieg_wp_budget.pdf);

• Contribute to technical evaluations related to environment and climate change adaptation primarily in assessing the development effectiveness and performance of WBG support for reducing vulnerability and enhancing adaptation and resilience to climate shocks;

• Contribute to the development of robust methodologies to assess the environmental and welfare related outcomes of World Bank Group financed investments and policy operations;

• Actively engage in the generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of environmental and climate evaluation by supporting BBLs, blogging, attending evaluation conferences, and disseminating evaluation findings;

• Participate in and contribute to IEG comments on WBG, GEF and other papers and documents pertaining to the environment and social matters;

• Gather evidence from IEG’s desk level validations on the quality of information related to environmental and social safeguard related compliance and integrate lessons into the annual flagship report. Assist members of other units in IEG with safeguard related work, including integrating project lessons from the ICRRs into the Country Completion Learning Reviews;

• Liaise with the Bank’s operational departments and relevant Global Practices and Cross Cutting Solution Areas to provide technical support and keep staff informed of ongoing and new initiatives, and to disseminate IEG evaluation findings;

The Environmental/Climate Evaluation Officer will report to the Manager in charge of Sustainable Development themes, with the Director of IEG’s Financial, Private Sector and Sustainable Development Department as his/her Reviewing Manager.

Selection Criteria:

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications, experience, skills and personal attributes:

• Advanced graduate degree in core technical disciplines relevant to climate, environment and natural resources (e.g. environmental science, climate economics and policy, environmental economics, natural resource economics, environmental engineering);

• At least 5 years (3 years in case of PhD) of proven experience with formulation, implementation and evaluation of ENR/AG/CC relevant programs, policies and projects across countries and/or regions;

• Strong analytical, conceptual and problem-solving skills demonstrated through research, sector studies, or similar activities;

• Operational and field  experience working with international organizations in Environmental Protection, Climate Policy Analysis and/or Evaluating Market-based Instruments, Climate Finance, Climate Mitigation/Adaptation, ; and Social Safeguards and Compliance and Quality Assurance and Results;

• Strong professional credentials, with capability for effective task and/or portfolio analysis, teasing out key lessons and plans for action, and technical strength in the analysis of international climate policy with relevant expertise in related areas in environment, natural resources, and/or agriculture. Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in climate policy analysis and at least one of the other relevant areas in ENR/AG/CC clusters;

• Prior work experience in a relevant area of operations and policy, in Multilateral Development Banks, GEF or other international agencies;

• Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods, with preference for candidates with demonstrated experience in application of these methods;

• Ability to gain the trust and respect of Bank counterparts, while maintaining objectivity and clear focus on the Bank’s mission; establishing links with networks and relevant partners;

• Ability to enhance the quality of Bank products through precise evaluative findings grounded in clear analysis, leading to constructive feedback, encouraging innovation and risk taking;

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills and the technical skills to support large and complex evaluations;

• Proven ability to contribute to and work in diverse, multicultural teams, and commitment to technical excellence and teamwork, and to resolve conflicts constructively;

• Ability to manage numerous competing demands and priorities, respond quickly to assigned tasks, and set priorities to meet overlapping deadlines.

The Evaluation Officer will work with the Cluster Coordinator and report to the IEG Manager in charge of Sustainable Development themes, and with the Director of IEG’s Financial, Private Sector and Sustainable Development Department as his/her Reviewing Manager.

The position requires a motivated and highly qualified evaluator with solid training and interpersonal skills, significant environment and climate related analysis experience in operational and/or analytic support or impact evaluation, and a commitment to the agenda reflected in IEG’s strategic vision (see IEG Work Program and Budget FY16-18).