Local recruitment: Network Director

Ocean Sewage Alliance (OSA)

USA (see details) 🇺🇸


● Title: Network Director
● Location: Remote office
● Classification: Full-time, two year position with potential for extension
● Reporting to: Ocean Sewage Alliance Steering Committee and
Multiplier’s Executive Director
● Seeking an experienced fundraiser with strong leadership and partnership
development skills.


The Ocean Sewage Alliance (OSA) is a project of Multiplier. We are a diverse
collective of organizations and academic partners committed to reducing the
threat of ocean wastewater pollution and increasing the health and wellbeing of
both humans and nature. The OSA launched in June 2021, includes twenty
diverse partners across conservation, academic, sanitation and private sectors
and has established five working groups.

The goals of the alliance include:

  1. Build an evidence-based case to drive action and support decision
    making to reduce wastewater pollution.
  2. Catalyze and support cross-sector collaboration.
  3. Be a united voice that encourages and supports action.
  4. Serve as a knowledge and learning hub to support successful
    implementation of solutions.
  5. Expand donor network and funding to both support the OSA and drive
    funds towards action.


    The Network Director position is newly-created and will be a critical next step in
    managing a growing collaborative. This position is essential to bringing together
    the many organizations, universities, cities, utilities, development banks and
    businesses that are working on the issue of ocean wastewater pollution, but not
    yet working together. With a diversity of cross-sector partners, a newly launched
    awareness building campaign and social media presence, and a growing
    pipeline of interested potential new member organizations, OSA is at an exciting
    point in establishing itself as a solutions-driven network of experts, cross-sector
    collaborators and as a knowledge hub for driving action.

    The Network Director, with the support of the OSA Steering Committee and
    Multiplier, will leverage this growing momentum by establishing new systems
    and structures to lead the OSA, fundraising for the needs of the OSA and
    serving as the primary face of the OSA.


    Alliance Development and Management

    ● Work with OSA partners to develop, refine, and implement structure and
    governance vision, strategy, and priorities
    ● Lead development and implementation of the OSA’s growth plan, including
    partner recruitment, staffing, communications, fundraising and working
    ● Plan and facilitate monthly Steering Committee meetings and manage
    Steering Committee member recruitment
    ● Facilitate and oversee planning of OSA quarterly meetings
    ● Oversee coordination of working groups and their engagement with
    Steering Committee

    Fundraising and Budget Management (in collaboration with Multiplier)

    ● Strategically manage budget and cash flow in a resource-constrained
    environment, ensuring there is sufficient, ongoing funding for project expenses
    ● Identify and cultivate new donors, manage funder relationships
    ● Write proposals for funding opportunities
    ● Manage grant reporting for the OSA

    Administrative Management

    ● Lead onboarding and provide supervision of Network Coordinator
    ● Ensure that project records and documents—financial and otherwise—are
    maintained in compliance with current laws and regulations, and provide
    these details to Multiplier when requested
    ● Serve as the project liaison to Multiplier staff regarding expenses and
    contracts; keep Multiplier’s Executive Director abreast to critical changes in
    the OSA’s programming, staffing, and funding

    Communications and external relations

    ● Develop content and presentation materials in collaboration with OSA partners
    (blogs, white papers, press releases, website copy, presentation slides)
    ● Summarize and translate technical concepts and resources to different audiences
    with support of OSA partners
    ● Represent the OSA to project stakeholders, funders and the public at speaking
    engagements, meetings and events
    ● Manage campaign and oversee coordination of campaign assets including
    branding and communications materials
    ● Oversee creation of data visualizations and graphics to develop a visual narrative

    Website and Social Media Management

    ● Manage social media strategy and content approval for awareness building
    campaign, influencer growth and partnership development. Web and social
    management to be supported by Network Coordinator.
    ● Oversee website management


    The ideal Network Director will be passionate about OSA’s mission and an
    accomplished fundraiser with experience attracting new donors and diverse
    partnerships. They will have the ability to manage multiple diverse work streams
    with attention to detail while balancing competing priorities, meeting deadlines
    and delivering quality results.

    They will be an excellent and compelling communicator and spokesperson,
    comfortable driving a diverse cross-sector network toward action. They will be
    an inspiring ambassador with demonstrated experience leading a start-up or
    entrepreneurial environment, working towards organizational growth and driving
    a path forward in uncertain conditions without upper management.

    With an eye toward diversity, equity and inclusion, the ideal candidate will have
    exposure to various cultures, geographies, nationalities, ethnicities and points of
    view, appreciating the basis of each person’s worldview. They will have exposure
    to various economic sectors in order to appreciate the vastness of experience
    and expertise. They will demonstrate respect for involvement with a diversity of
    people, communities and cultures, with awareness and sensitivity to their
    economic realities.


    We recognize that each applicant for this role will bring unique skills,
    knowledge, experiences, and background to this position. We welcome diverse
    experiences and perspectives in our applicant pool, and will be looking for
    candidates who possess many, but not necessarily all, of the following
    qualifications and experience:

    ● 7-10 years of fundraising experience and working with diverse funding
    ● Experience developing a new organization, program, or project from
    inception or an early stage
    ● Experience managing a steering committee, advisors or Board
    ● Demonstrated leadership in project management using online
    collaborative tools
    ● Excellent collaboration skills across sectors of industry and cultural norms
    with ability to work with international partners, diverse teams and across
    organizations and coalitions
    ● Comfortable with daily navigation across a variety of roles and
    ● Strong written and oral communication skills with a variety of audiences
    ● Comfortable with media and external communications
    ● Experience with:
    o campaign leadership and strategy development
    o public speaking and event management
    o financial oversight and management of program budgets
    o supervising one or more direct reports
    o desk research skills (e.g., synthesizing existing documents,
    preparing written reports, etc.)
    o developing social media content
    o capacity development and training
    o partnership development and outreach
    ● Experience with and/or education in any of the following: wastewater
    management, sanitation, water pollution, coastal and marine
    conservation, natural resource management and/or policy
    ● Ability to lead through informal or indirect influence
    ● Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
    ● Attention to detail
    ● A proactive and flexible demeanor
    ● Authorized to work in the United States. Location flexible, but must be
    able to receive payment from a United States address.


    Multiplier provides a comprehensive compensation package, including
    competitive salary (starting at $80,000 and dependent on experience), excellent
    medical and dental benefits, retirement savings, and generous vacation and sick
    leave policy.


    ● Flexible working arrangements and work schedule with occasional ability
    to work outside U.S. business hours
    ● As pandemic conditions allow, travel to conferences, events and
    fundraising related meetings will be required
    ● Network Director will be supported by the OSA Steering Committee,
    Multiplier and a Network Coordinator projected to be hired in the first
    year and.


    Applications will be accepted until position is filled with review of applications
    starting the week of October 18th. Please submit your cover letter and resume
    in a single document to “[email protected]“ with “OSA/Network Director”
    in the subject line explaining your interest in this position. Please describe your
    relevant experience, qualifications, and include salary requirements. We
    respectfully request no follow-up calls or emails.

    *Position is available for work from a home office in the following states unless
    otherwise specified: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut,
    Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
    Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,
    Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire,
    New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,
    Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota,
    Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia,
    Wisconsin, Wyoming.

    Multiplier and Ocean Sewage Alliance:
    ● celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams and partnerships
    that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.
    ● are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect that is free
    from discrimination and harassment.
    ● prohibit discrimination in its governance, programs and activities on the
    basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender, sexual
    orientation, gender identity, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal,
    marital status, amnesty, status as a covered veteran, because all or part of
    an individual’s income is derived from public assistance, or for any other
    non-merit based factor.

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