Local recruitment: Executive Director

Upper Colorado River Commission

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

The Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC) seeks an Executive Director and Secretary for its Salt Lake City, UT office.

The UCRC is an interstate water administrative agency established by action of five state legislatures and Congress with the enactment of the 1948 Upper Colorado River Basin Compact. The UCRC’s role is to adopt rules and regulations, make estimates and findings and engage in cooperative studies of water supplies of the Colorado River, and to determine the extent and timing of curtailment of water use by the Upper Division States, if necessary, in accordance with the 1922 Colorado River Compact. The UCRC is comprised of one representative appointed by the Governor of each Upper Division State and one member appointed by the President to represent the United States.

Position Summary:

As chief administrative officer, the Executive Director/Secretary is responsible for carrying out the policies, directives, and authorizations of the UCRC, and performs all duties and functions relative to the position of Secretary as required by the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact and the By-Laws of the UCRC.

For more information and instructions for applying please go to the UCRC website:

Job Posting – UCRC Executive Director