Smart Metering of Water Services in Almaty city

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Expertise: Smart Metering of Water Services
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: International
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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

In September 2019, the Almaty City Municipality (Akimat) established Department of Digitalization (DoD)
with the objective of ensuring an integrated development of Almaty city digital system. The DoD is
authorized to develop and implement state digital policy in the area of public services in Almaty.
In 2020, the DoD undertook a stocktaking study of existing Almaty city ICT systems and solutions to map
the current digitalization situation and assess the needs. The study results prompted the DoD to develop
a list of 49 smart city priority projects for developing in 2021-2025. The projects’ main goal is to
improve interaction between the population, business, and the state with the use of digital
technologies. The DoD expects wherever possible, the smart city projects will be implemented using a
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) modality or with private sector participation (PSP).
In August 2021, the DoD discussed a Smart Metering for Water Supply Project (Project) in Almaty city
with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Project intends to improve tariff collection transparency,
transmission losses monitoring, emergency response time, and identify further water supply system
investment needs for the Akimat.
State utility company “Almaty Su” was established in 2008 by Akimat of Almaty city. According to utility
company a total of 454,366 cold water meters (units) are installed in Almaty. Which corresponds to 71%
of the total water users.

ADB has agreed to use a part of the proceeds of KAZ-TA 9946 on Promoting Digital Technologies for
Sustainable Development, which aims to promote sustainable economic development through the improved use
of digital technologies. The first stage of support will include an initial screening of the potential
Project. The TA will cover the cost of the services provided by an International Consultant (Public
Water Supply Consultant).

Scope of Work

The objective of the assignment is to prepare a project screening report (Appendix A) that would
articulate the key benefits of the Project to the Akimat. The report should define and provide
justification for a PPP or PSP solution as a procurement option. The report should also include
recommendation of an appropriate payment mechanism(s) that can be considered by the Akimat for the
development of the Project. The screening report is expected to form the basis for the Protocol which is
required to be issued by the Akimat prior to proceeding with the project preparation.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The scope of the services under the proposed Terms of Reference shall include the following activities:

i) conduct a presentation for the key stakeholders, including the DoD, and Almaty Su on the key benefits
associated with the introduction of smart meters for water supply services (with or without establishing
a district metering approach (DMA), an overview on the non-revenue water management, an overview of the
existing IT solutions, including communication protocol, PPP or PSP arrangements that can be considered
by the Akimat, relevant case studies, and any other information that may be considered relevant or
ii) review the existing tariff collection, billing, archiving, data processing, asset management and
other arrangements with the view of ensuring seamless integration of billing, collection and accounting
systems for efficiency and identifying potential value addition that can be attained through the
introduction and/or expansion of the smart metering network and improvement of the existing data
processing facilities that are in use by Almaty Su;
iii) review the current coverage and requirements for the replacement of the existing analogues meters,
in particular, the responsibility for covering the meter replacement costs and the legal basis thereof;
iv) identify potential or otherwise existing legal and regulatory issues for the introduction of smart
meters covering all utilities service users;
v) prepare an outline of technical solution for a pilot smart metering PPP/PSP project;
vi) prepare an appropriate justification for the use of the PPP/PSP process, including preliminary cost
estimate and recommended payment option(s);
vii) carry out assessment of the Project readiness, including stakeholder identification and potential
for behavioral change communication;
viii) identify the information that will be required to be clarified or obtained should the Project move
into the preparation stage.
Where requested or appropriate, consultants will participate in consultations/discussions, and play a
key role in development of sustainable business options for the project.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The assignment will require the services of an International Consultant with substantial experience in
water supply services, who will have the following minimum qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field;
· Minimum 15-year of General Experience;
· At least 10-year experience working in or advising water utilities;
· Proven experience in the successful preparation, implementation or delivery at least two projects,
involving the installation of smart meters and/or data processing facility for water supply services in
a city with not less than 100,000 population

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years





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