Philippines nationals: Strengthening WASH Practices and Hygiene Behavioral Change in the Pacific

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: WASH, Public Health, Community Engagement
Expertise Group: Project Management/ Institutional Development

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: WASH, Public Health, Community Engagement

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

ADB’s Pacific Department has approved a regional knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) which
aims to strengthen the capacity of Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) to prevent disease
transmission through enhanced water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices and strengthened
associated enabling environment. Interventions will directly address the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
pandemic by: (i) improving WASH practices through behavioral change campaigns in households,
communities, schools, markets, health care facilities, transport hubs, and other public areas; and (ii)
strengthening the capacity of WASH service providers and other stakeholders so that WASH improvements
are sustained and expanded.

ADB plans to recruit a team of national consultants in several Pacific DMCs. In the Federated States of
Micronesia (FSM), a PIU Head is being recruited to lead and coordinate the TA activities on the ground.
An international WASH specialist (engaged separately) will supervise the PIU Head in their activities
and deliverables, in coordination with the Southern Yap Water Authority (SYWA).

Scope of Work

Government has requested that the TA support the enabling environment for improved WASH and COVID-19
resilience via strengthened WASH coordination, advocacy and knowledge management initiatives. The
installation of over 80 handwashing stations in public places throughout Yap, support to integrate these
facilities into SYWA’s operations, and monitoring will form the main scope of the PIU Head’s work.

The PIU Head will support SYWA in the design, planning, and implementation of the handwashing station
project as an initial focus of the engagement. As part of implementation, the consultant will work with
SYWA to incorporate operations and maintenance of the handwashing stations into their business plans to
ensure long-term sustainable operation. Following this initial phase, the consultant’s role will involve
reviewing and validating with the government and key agencies the national WASH Needs Assessment
recommendations and key actions that is being led by the TA’s international WASH advisor, and provide
inputs to the TA’s WASH plan to finalize the list of activities to be carried out in FSM under the TA.
The role will be locally supervised by the Yap State Government’s Director of Office of Planning and
Budget (OPB) for the initial 1 year period, who has oversight of development projects in Yap and then
the implementation arrangements may be revisited depending on the agreed TA activities. The PIU Head
will focus in supporting government and engaging with key sector agencies to implement the agreed WASH

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The specific duties and activities expected from the PIU Head are as follows:

Priority tasks – Yap State:
(a) Working with SYWA and OPB to manage the design, planning, procurement and implementation phases of
the WASH campaign and handwashing stations project in Yap;
(b) Consultations with stakeholders regarding the design, suitability and location of handwashing
(c) Coordination with the WASH cluster and relevant agencies to complement existing WASH campaign and
promotional activities;
(d) Work under the guidance of the Director of OPB and SYWA to supervise the initial operation and
maintenance of the handwashing stations, and develop a plan to ensure their long-term sustainable
operation by SYWA;
(e) Planning and coordinating WASH stakeholder meetings on a monthly basis, including sharing meeting
minutes, outcomes and agreements with stakeholders and ADB;
(f) Maintaining regular communication with stakeholders regarding ongoing and planned WASH sector
initiatives and donor-supported programs;
(g) Facilitate the contract lease of an appropriate prime mover for the delivery of water;
(h) Supporting SYWA in other WASH-related activities, as required;
(i) Preparing monthly reports for submission to the international WASH advisor and ADB, which will
(i) progress on the handwashing stations project implementation;
(ii) progress of WASH campaigns and promotional activities;
(iii) consultation with government authorities and utilities;
(iv) consultation with local stakeholders at project planning, design and implementation stages;
(v) support monitoring of indicators including but not limited to those captured in the TA design &
monitoring framework (DMF);
(vi) records of any purchase and distribution of goods and/or advocacy materials through the TA;
(vii) reports of any capacity building programs conducted; and
(viii) key challenges faced and recommended solution(s).

Other tasks:
(j) Participate in regular TA team meetings and knowledge events
(k) Consult with other stakeholders in FSM on potential TA activities under the guidance of the TA Team
Leader and help assess requests.
(l) Other related activities as requested by the TA Team Leader and ADB.

The initial assignment includes 22 days of consultant inputs over 1 year. This may be increased subject
to satisfactory performance and depending on the direction and progress of WASH initiatives in-country
and resource availability.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant will have an educational background in WASH, public health or a related discipline, and
experience related to the delivery of community-based projects or local implementation of national
development programs or projects.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years




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