Market Based Sanitation Consultant

Save the Children


Scope of Work: Consultant, Market Based Sanitation Consultant  

 Supervisor Title: Director, PRO-WASH

Work Location: Remote (anywhere), 1-2 trips anticipated if COVID-19 travel restrictions permit

Period: November 1, 2021 through October 30, 2022, up to 200 days  


PRO-WASH (Practices, Research and Operations in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is a five-year project led by Save the Children and funded by the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. PRO-WASH works with partners to strengthen the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of WASH practices in BHA-funded development and emergency food security activities.

This consultancy is to provide one-on-one technical assistance for Resilience Food Security Activities (RFSAs) on market based sanitation, to work closely with the PRO-WASH Director and Instructional Designer to finalize the PRO-WASH Market Based Sanitation training package based on feedback acquired from RFSA participants and other stakeholders, to develop and facilitate peer to peer learning products such as online discussions and case studies, and to identify and develop content to contribute to PRO-WASH’s sustainable capacity building initiatives.

The consultant will be responsible for providing targeted MBS technical support to RFSA partners. In particular, this support will help Niger partners to operationalize the recommendations from the market development strategy focused on improving the availability of appropriate, low-cost latrines in the RISE II implementation areas of Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger, as identified by PSI and Practica through the PRO-WASH sub-award. The consultant will provide additional support to other USAID BHA food security awards including Budikadidi (Democratic Republic of Congo), Titukulane (Malawi), Apolou (Uganda), ViMPlus (Burkina Faso), and Takunda (Zimbabwe), among others, based on implementing partner requests. The consultant will provide weekly updates to PRO-WASH on the tasks throughout the duration of this contract. This consultant must be able to provide technical support in French and in English.

During extensive stakeholder consultations with RFSAs on priority topics for capacity strengthening, learning and knowledge sharing, there was a request for support on integrating market-based approaches into their WASH activities. To this end, PRO-WASH has undertaken a number of capacity strengthening and learning support activities on this topic in 2020 and 2021:

  • Designed and delivered two hybrid trainings on market based sanitation for partners in Niger and in Burkina Faso. This included conducting stakeholder consultations to detail a MBS training plan, including learning objectives, curriculum, methodology and timeframe, adapting the PRO-WASH MBS Training modules to the project’s context and to the available market assessment reports, facilitating the training, and writing a training report.
  • Developed, along with market based sanitation consultants, a training package for RFSAs that draws heavily on the UNICEF guidance on Market-Based Sanitation in the Context of Rural Sanitation, the USAID WASHPaLS resources, the World Bank Sanitation Marketing Toolkit, as well as from many resources and field experiences from partners. In addition, a number of stakeholders including from USAID, the private sector, implementing partners and UNICEF also contributed to the draft PRO-WASH training package, both through stakeholder interviews and by providing documentation. This training package has been reviewed based on partner feedback during the pilot training. In addition, PRO-WSH collaborated with USAID WASHPaLS to strengthen the training package by drawing on their expertise on sustainability, enterprise viability and supply assessments to collaborate on presentations that will be included in the training package.
  • Engaged PSI and its partner, Practica through a competitive Sub-Award process to develop a market development strategy focused on improving the availability of appropriate, low-cost latrines in the RISE II implementation areas of Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger.
  • Provided targeted technical assistance through a sales and marketing consultant to ViMPlus (Burkina Faso) to provide sales and marketing training which helped develop a marketing strategy based on their WASH market research. Technical assistance also supported ViMPlus in executing this strategy by collecting data on consumer preferences for latrines and assessing their willingness to pay by using Human Centered Design techniques. In parallel, the technical assistance also facilitated and supported the recruitment of a marketing and sales specialist who will be responsible for the execution of the marketing strategy.
  • Provided technical assistance to Budikadidi (DRC) to use human-centered design to develop and test prototypes aimed at improving latrine sales and developing a business model for bringing the prototyped slabs to market. Business partners have been identified and a sales strategy has been developed.
  • Supported the Niger RFSAs to develop a market-based sanitation working group and to develop draft terms of reference for this group and priority topics for the next six months
  • Facilitated Peer-to-Peer learning with USAID ACCES on implementing market-based sanitation and CLTS in rural areas through an online webinar as well as through connecting interested partners with ACCES for one-on-one knowledge sharing.
  • Co-hosted with iDE a learning journey on using human centered design to understand the sanitation value chain and a webinar on a HCD tool for sanitation (Who’s Responsible?)

At the request of partners, the scope of this work has expanded to continue to provide support to partners over 12 months as they implement skills learned from the MBS training and coaching and to support PRO-WASH’s sustainable capacity strengthening strategy.  This work will include:


Direct Technical Assistance, Training and Coaching for partners (45-50%)

  • Provide RFSAs with one on one technical assistance on MBS and other WASH marketing topics. This support will be based on partners’ requests, approved by PRO-WASH and include (but not limited to) Budikadidi (DRC), ViMPlus (Burkina Faso) Wadata, Hamzari, and Girma (Niger), Takunda (Zimbabwe), Titukulane (Malawi) and Apolou (Uganda). Additional MBS requests may be requested from RFSAs in Ethiopia and Mali. Specific needs already identified include:
    • Support Niger partners in organizing and implementing their working group on MBS. Such support will include moderating the monthly meeting, supporting partners between each MBS working group meeting to finalize an action plan, business plan, identify and contract supply chain partners, finalized marketing strategy and sales strategy and working with members to identify future chairs. Such outputs will draw heavily on the research conducted by PSI/Practica under the PRO-WASH Sub-Award. The support provided will be done through multiple formats: working calls, short online training, preparation of documents (strategy documents, tools, job aids, etc.).
    • ViMPlus: Support ViMPlus to onboard and train a marketing specialist for the MBS activities. Support ViMPlus to implement their sales and marketing strategy. T This will include supporting the team in developing their research agenda to complement the initial market assessment; particularly in terms of segmentation and product system development and support ViMPlus in strengthening the supply-side of the market by identifying entrepreneurs and strengthening their sales capacity.
    • Budikadidi: Support Budikadidi for the implementation of its business model; in particular through the signature of commercial agreements with identified entrepreneurs, the recruitment and training of the sales force, the development of communication and promotion tools. During the period, support will also be provided to plan and monitor sales, slab production, and customer service. The marketing strategy will also be updated based on the results achieved.
    • Takunda: Support the Takunda RFSA to use findings from the anticipated Human Centered Design for sanitation study to develop a sales and marketing strategy.
    • Apolou: Provide support to the team to design a study to implement a sanitation subsidy program to increase latrine adoption and to support the design of the subsidy activities using the results.
    • Titukulane: Introduction to Market Based Sanitation training and ongoing coaching and support.
    • Upon request, provide remote/hybrid market based sanitation trainings, advanced trainings, and refreshers for partners. This includes all steps of planning for a training including developing terms of reference/concept note, identifying participants,  conducting needs assessments/stakeholder consultations, developing agendas, facilitator plans, training content, supporting the recruitment/onboarding of a co-facilitator (if required), report writing, and conducting post-training monitoring.
    • If travel restrictions allow, provide in-person training, coaching, and supportive site visits, as needed. All travel /in-person support will be detailed in concept notes that will be shared with USAID BHA and RFSA partners prior to planning any travel.
    • Respond to partner’s emails/requests on MBS with an estimated timely timeframe for responding to their request (e.g. reviewing the document, providing the requested technical assistance, training etc.)
  • Supporting partners to strengthen market players ensuring that sustainable systems are put in place and develop internal MBS capacity and/or external partnerships to support their MBS activities, after the life of PRO-WASH. Considering the timing of each project and their respective budget dedicated to MBS, priority will be given to structuring the supply-side of the market which appears the weakest. This will help set up the foundation of a durable market that is required for future market development initiatives.
  • Additional technical assistance to additional RFSAs, as needed and requested by PRO-WASH


Global Training Packages (30-35%)

  • Finalize the French version of the MBS facilitator and participant guide and slide decks in collaboration with the PRO-WASH instructional designer, PRO-WASH Director, copy editor, translator, and graphic designer
  • Develop video tutorials in collaboration with the PRO-WASH instructional designer, PRO-WASH Director, graphic designer, and implementing partners to accompany the MBS training package and to contribute to sustainable capacity strengthening
  • In addition to the basic content that should be used in refresher trainings for current staff and new recruits, the consultant will identify and develop other operational online content for MBS. This will involve focusing on specific modules for the implementation of MBS strategies such as, for example, the recruitment and development of a winning team (staff in charge of MBS programs or salespeople), negotiation of ” commercial agreements, capacity building for entrepreneurs, development and monitoring of vendor routing plans, coaching of sales teams, etc.
  • Work one-on-one with RFSA partners and the PRO-WASH instructional designer to develop videos, photos, short interviews and case studies that document lessons learned from implementing market based sanitation for use within the training materials. Such support may include writing scripts/storyboards, reviewing content and working with other PRO-WASH consultants (graphic designer, videographer etc.) to finalize products.
  • Support the PRO-WASH Director to ensure that other PRO-WASH sanitation related products are aligned with the MBS training package and technical support


Knowledge Management (20-25%)

  • Provide technical support for a peer to peer online learning discussion series to facilitate knowledge sharing between RSFAs, other USAID Activities and other WASH practitioners on market based sanitation.
  • Support Niger RFSAs to present the MBS working group work and project results related to the MBS strategy to key stakeholders, including the Government of Niger.

Admin/Project Communication (5-10%)

  • Submit quarterly MBS work plans for PRO-WASH Director and communicate any anticipated delays or times during which the consultant will be unavailable (e.g. leave).
  • Participate in weekly update meetings with PRO-WASH Director to provide updates on workplan status, tasks, partner requests and to discuss any logistical and operational support required to carry out the activities.
  • Upon request by the PRO-WASH Director, participate in USAID or other stakeholder meetings.



  • 12 months from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022
  • This consultancy is anticipated to be between 16-18 days a month depending on partner requests, holidays and other non-working days. The consultant will be paid based on actual number of days worked (see section Payment below).
  • Exact deliverables and timelines for the deliverables will be determined in collaboration with PRO-WASH.
  • All work is anticipated to be completed remotely. However, if travel restrictions ease, the consultant may travel for in-person training, coaching or one on one technical support.


  • Up to 200 days, based on the actual number of days worked
  • Payment will be based on the actual number of days worked per month, with one day being defined as eight hours of work. If a consultant does not work a full number of days in a month, Save the Children will reimburse upon the hourly rate calculated from the approved daily rate.
  • The consultant will invoice Save the Children monthly and the invoice will include a detailed timesheet that includes the tasks worked on, the number of hours per day worked, and the day in which those hours were worked, as well as the name and address of the consultant.
  • The consultant will submit a separate timesheet and invoice for time and expenses provided solely to USAID BHA funded CDF partners, which include the Mali (Albarka) RFSA led by Save the Children, the Malawi (Titukulane) RFSA led by CARE, the Uganda RFSAs (Apolou and Nuyok) led by Mercy Corps and CRS respectively, and any other partners that are CDF funded, as informed by PRO-WASH.
  • A template for the invoice and timesheet is available upon request.
  • The timesheet and invoice will be approved by the PRO-WASH Director.


  • Travel is subject to USAID and Save the Children approvals, country guidelines and consultant willingness to travel. It is anticipated there will be two trips in 2022 to Africa, one to provide technical assistance and coaching to the Anglophone RFSAs on market based sanitation and one to provide technical assistance and coaching to the Francophone RFSAs on market based sanitation. Each trip is anticipated to be 12 days and will cost approximately $6,000 in travel expenses.
  • Any travel expenses will be reimbursed per Save the Children’s travel policy and receipts for expenses greater than USD $25 will be provided. All flights will be purchased by Save the Children and in accordance with Save the Children’s travel, safety and security policies and any COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

The Consultant will report to:

Nicole Weber, PRO-WASH Director and the consultant will work with the PRO-WASH’s implementing partners, consultants, and others identified during the consultancy.

Required Qualifications


The candidate should have the following profile:


  • Speak French and English fluently.
  • Degree in relevant field (marketing, business development, finance etc.).
  • Strong background and experience in sales and marketing, ideally in sanitation or in other social enterprises
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in West and/or Central Africa
  • Familiarity with sanitation business models, product design, microfinance and/or financial product development strongly preferred, not required



Only individual consultants will be considered for this opportunity. Individuals should submit their: CV and a cover letter that includes

  • a) dates of availability
  • b) links to examples of previous work similar to this announcement
  • c) contact information of three professional references
  • d) daily rate.

A biodata form may be asked of the successful candidate.


Deadline to apply:   Monday, October 11th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (USA).


Please submit all questions and documents to PRO-WASH at [email protected] .