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Los Angeles, CA, USA 🇺🇸


Position Description

The Specialist, Energy & Water Programs (SEWP) position reports to the Director, Energy & Water Programs (DEWP). With guidance from DEWP, the SEWP will collaborate with Climate Resolve staff to implement Energy and Water programs from origin through the execution of deliverables.  While this role will coordinate the fulfillment of project-based deliverables for energy and water-related initiatives and goals on behalf of the organization, the work of the SEWP will also entail client and project partner coordination, data analysis, written-reporting, and administrative activities.  This person will have a sense of community development and community collaboration as well as an understanding of the public health impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities.


Leadership & Management

  • Ensure excellence in delivery for assigned programs
  • Report weekly on progress and contribute to (trans)formation of energy and water-related programmatic strategy with the DEWP
  • Manage other programs to be determined with the DEWP


  • Assist in facilitating meetings with other project stakeholders
  • Conduct analysis and assist in the approval of documentation and submittals
  • Assist in project design, implementation, and reporting
  • Coordinate work with outside organizations, consultants, and subcontractors 
  • Coordinate with the DEWP to ensure the accomplishment of all deliverables 

Programmatic Commitments 

  • Carbon crediting program – 70%
  • Support all aspects of Climate Resolve’s program to manage the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that are eligible for carbon credits under the Climate Action Reserve’s Climate Forward program
  • Coordinate the compliance procedures for the carbon crediting projects, including project information requests and document submittals required by the Climate Forward program
  • Coordinate written and verbal communication among multiple project stakeholders
  • Work with selected municipalities and vendors to conduct site visits, evaluate alternatives, and execute letter agreements to manage carbon crediting projects in Los Angeles County and/or Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) regions
  • Build and coordinate internal systems and processes at Climate Resolve to manage the implementation of projects with multiple stakeholders, including document control and project scheduling
  • Develop and maintain expertise in carbon crediting methodologies 
  • Coordinate with the Managing Director, Solutions Services and DEWP in the development of other GHG emissions reduction methodologies under the Climate Forward program

Local school district energy and water programs – 15%

  • Support all aspects of the Climate Smart Schools program, which helps school districts to reduce energy and water consumption; mitigate climate change impacts on school communities; implement technologies that foster energy resilience; and promote education and outreach programs among students, staff, and other stakeholders
  • Support DEWP in development of new proposals and implementation of new water conservation and energy projects  
  • Monitor and support Climate Resolve’s involvement with LAUSD Clean Energy Task Force  
  • Support DEWP in research to expand and fund school district EV bus programs and green infrastructure
  • Work with DEWP, other staff, and school district partners to analyze program performance metrics coordinate with Climate Resolve’s Communications Manager and the Public Information Officers of school district partners to publicize achievements on the Climate Resolve website, social media platforms, earned media, and school district platforms
  • Coordinate with DEWP on future business, research, and promoting achievements of Climate Resolve and its school district partners 

Other energy and water projects – 15%

  • Support other innovative energy and water projects, such as complete streets projects that promote stormwater capture through low-impact development, cool surfaces, and expanded tree canopies that foster urban heat island (UHI) mitigation, and active transportation solutions
  • Work with the DEWP on grant proposals for additional funding to further support green infrastructure initiatives with local municipalities
  • Facilitate education and outreach to city officials and community members on the importance of climate change resilience and expanding strategies to combat UHI impacts
  • Work with local municipalities to ensure the business owning residents in proximity to the project site are aware of project timelines, minimizing the impact of construction on business operations
  • Participate in monitoring efforts with the University of Southern California, the local municipality, and all the project stakeholders through implementation
  • Assist DEWP to research and pursue other opportunities for energy and water programs