Junior advisor for the Valuing Water Initiative

Valuing Water Initiative

Den Haag, Netherlands

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is looking for a junior advisor to join the Executive Team of the Valuing Water Initiative. RVO is supporting the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in implementing Valuing Water Initiative (VWI) through a programmatic approach.

The Initiative was launched in January 2019 to implement the Valuing Water Principles developed by the United Nations and World Bank High-Level Panel on Water. The Valuing Water Principles seek to bring systemic change in the way water is valued in decision-making to ensure we can live in a sustainable water-secure world.

We work collaboratively with stakeholders, both inside and outside the water sector, to encourage governments, financiers, industries and civil society to rethink how they understand, value and manage water as a precious global resource. We aim to increase awareness of the many values of water and ensure lessons on how to identify the value of water in its numerous competing uses are shared between sectors, communities, cities and countries so we can get to the systemic core of big water challenges.

As a junior advisor your tasks will include, amongst others:

  • Supporting VWI executive team on management of ongoing activities, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting.
  • Management of some of the on-going projects and new procurement processes and grants for new initiatives and projects.
  • Liaising with the RVO Secretariat team to ensure smooth co-operation related to procurement and other administrative tasks.
  • Supporting events, communications efforts and other coalition building activities.
  • Supporting key learning and knowledge building activities.

About you:

  • You have a demonstrated ability to drive and manage projects within timelines, and structure, organize and manage processes.
  • You have a strong organizational skills and able to manage processes and events.
  • Knowledge and experience to use Microsoft Office applications.
  • High fluency in English, with an ability to prepare reports and present in English.
  • Knowledge of the Dutch language is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Experience of working with or within Dutch government (programme implementation) is considered a plus.
  • Immediate availability (within reason) to join the VWI team.
  • You are proactive and self-leading, without too much need for instruction.
  • You have a process oriented mind-set with strong analytical skills and focused on details.
  • You are able to set priorities, able to independently monitor progress of activities and willing to help others.
  • You are creative in problem solving.
  • You are a team player who is able to take people along and engage with diverse stakeholders.






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