Senior Program Manager (Global Resilience Practice – North America)

100 Resilient Cities (Rockefeller Foundation)
New York, NY, United States
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Organization Type: 
Experience Level: 
Entry Level (0-2 Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC), is an organization dedicated to helping cities around the world be better prepared for, and quickly rebound from, 21st century shocks and stresses. 100 Resilient Cities works with 100 member cities from around the globe for whom it plans to provide four kinds of value: 1) financial and other support for putting in place a new city resilience leader, a Chief Resilience Officer; 2) support for development of a robust resilience strategy; 3) management of a peer-to-peer network of member cities who can learn from and help each other; and 4) connections to solutions, service providers, and other partners who can help cities implement resilience strategies. 100RC seeks to increase awareness of the importance of resilience thinking, to catalyze a new community of urban resilience practitioners, and to spur the growth of a robust ecosystem of resilience-focused solutions and solution providers.


Senior Program Managers (PMs) work closely with Associate Directors (ADs) within the Global Resilience Practice (GRP) team to deliver and track impact in our network of cities. Successful candidates work collaboratively with a portfolio of cities to provide project management support, technical and organizational assistance, and strategic and program planning, and to facilitate efficient and quality communications with our member cities and internal teams. The also deploy quality control and coordination support in delivering platform solutions, services and tools in 100RC cities. They work with GRP ADs and coordinate with the Solution Development & Innovation team (SDI), the City Resilience Delivery team (CRD), Platform Partners, and the Chief Resilience Officers (CROs) to facilitate efficient and effective development and implementation of the city’s resilience strategy.

PMs are able to skillfully manage resources, timelines, vendors, and budgets with transparency and foresight. PMs also provide diligent systems documentation, leveraging tools such as Salesforce and other software to improve our global coordination and efficacy. PMs are also able to support solution delivery in cities through effective monitoring of city and partner resources, timelines, and deliverables in collaboration with the CRD and SDI teams. This is also critical to our agenda to develop a common global practice of resilience, as the PMs facilitate capturing, sharing and distributing knowledge and lessons across 100RC, in partnership with our Network, Knowledge and Impact (NKI) team.  Senior PMs typically handle a larger portfolio of cities with more complex challenges and also take on some lead relationship management responsibilities with regard to their cities.

Externally, PMs assist the CRD ADs to skillfully manage and lead ambitious political and policy resilience agendas with senior stakeholders, partners, and officials. PMs support ADs by (i) coordinating and managing the delivery of platform partner engagements, (ii) providing solution recommendations as needed, (iii) documenting engagements in implementation, and (iv) coordinating the sharing of impact/outcome stories with our NKI team.  They also help with local/cultural adaptation of our program including translation of materials, conducting research which helps ADs and 100RC senior leadership navigate current affairs within the city and region, and provide support for presentations, workshops, conferences, and other local activities.  PMs must demonstrate exceptional project management skills along with flexibility, adaptability, and an interest in supporting a collaborative team.

Among other duties, the Senior PM will:



  • Support a portfolio of cities to ensure positive, clear, and productive relationships with city contacts, partners, and contractors
  • Independently support the CRD engagements within a portfolio of North American member cities to ensure positive, clear and productive relationships with city contacts
  • Navigate a high degree of complexity in scheduling, organizing and managing meetings, and following up and tracking action items
  • Coordinate and facilitate information exchange with confidence and accuracy on behalf of the CRD and GRP ADs
  • Prepare, create and customize materials as needed for city engagements, general outreach, meetings, presentations, cultural variations, etc.
  • Plan and manage key external events and activities
  • Plan, manage and oversee the quality and accuracy of core in-city activities such as city orientation, agenda setting workshops, and city resilience strategies
  • Plan, manage and oversee the quality of engagements, as well as diagnosing, problem solving and elevating, as appropriate, any issues that may arise
  • Help develop briefing materials, PowerPoint presentations, and summaries


  • Oversee and ensure progress along a critical path of milestones from member cities, briefing and elevating on progress, performance, and quality
  • In collaboration with the regional CRD and SDI teams, oversee and ensure progress of platform engagements in member cities; briefing and elevating on progress, performance, and quality
  • Coordinate the production of impact stories from platform partner engagements with the NKI team
  • Proactively manage timelines, data, and deliverables; actively problem solve and resolve challenges which may arise as cities develop and implement resilience strategies
  • Work closely with and coordinate contractors and partners to oversee budgets, resources, and grants
  • Ensure proper documentation and data management in systems to track city performance (e.g. Salesforce, Excel)
  • Manage the production and translation of 100RC materials and strategy deliverables appropriate for the local context and information sharing across 100RC
  • Prepare materials for internal governance approval, review, and communications to the 100RC executive team.


  • Coordinate across 100RC to improve communications and streamline systems for efficiency in support of team operations
  • Collaborate internally to share and distribute information across 100RC teams, documenting, capturing, and distributing lessons, insights and resources within the portfolio synthesis
  • Elevate opportunities and challenges emerging in city to appropriate teams; coordinating and communicating effectively
  • Support and brief the ADs about relevant insights, opportunities and changes occurring within other 100RC teams when representing their portfolio during internal and external meetings
  • Synthesize and communicate learnings from engagements and urban insights with the NKI team
  • Understand and communicate around emerging city resilience needs to facilitate new partner and solution development
  • Work with the GRP and SDI teams to identify regionally relevant solutions, tools, funding sources, service providers and other potential partners which can address city needs.


  • Build knowledge and actionable insights for the ADs and 100RC team to better interface with the cities, including political, diplomatic and policy information
  • Support the AD with developing an understanding of city resilience needs, key actors within the city, and other information to improve our partnership and their resilience performance
  • Support and brief the AD about relevant insights, opportunities and changes occurring within other 100RC teams when representing their portfolio during internal and external meetings
  • Serve as a thought partner to the AD in developing the overall implementation strategy and approach for the region.

Candidate Requirements

  • Master’s degree with 4 to 6 years of related experience OR Bachelor's degree with 6 to 8 years of related experience
  • Demonstrated interest in and field of study related to urban resilience, such as development, public health, social equity, urban planning, and/or city management, with an authentic connection to urban resilience and planning and passion for 100RC's work
  • The ability to professionally and effectively represent 100RC, with strong interpersonal and relationship abilities, intercultural knowledge and appreciation, and strategic partnership building skills
  • Experience engaging with actors and organizations across a variety of sectors (public, private, nonprofit); strong political acumen and influencing skills for working with senior government officials including mayors and ministers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; fluency in English is required, and fluency with other portfolio-specific languages is essential, along with the confidence to engage with officials in cities around the world
  • Exceptional project management and operational skills, with the ability to skillfully use software to produce outputs and track outcomes (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce, etc.) and to deliver projects to deadlines independently and proactively
  • The ability to effectively collaborate with and across teams, seeking and providing constructive feedback

100 Resilient Cities is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

100 Resilient Cities is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning employment discrimination, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. To this end, 100 Resilient Cities ensures equal opportunity to all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, lawful alien status, physical, mental, and medical disability, veteran status or liability for service in the United States Armed Forces.