Development of WASH Strategy 2021-2025 via ReliefWeb

Action Contre La Faim (ACF)


Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an international Non-Governmental Organization, created in 1979. Its mission is to save lives by eradicating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and after emergency situations caused by conflicts and natural disasters. Today, Action Against Hunger is a major player in the fight against hunger in the world. Organized in an international network, our organization provides a coordinated response in nearly 50 countries. Our priority is to deploy effective actions in the field and to attest to the fate of vulnerable populations we support. Because the causes of hunger are multiple, our response is multi-sectoral and based on the following areas of expertise : water, sanitation and hygiene ; nutrition and health ; food security and livelihoods, mental health, care practices, gender and protection ; advocacy ; disaster risk management ; and research.

Action Against Hunger’s WASH department

Action Against Hunger provides WASH assistance to over 8.9 million people annually through the construction or rehabilitation of water points, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion activities. The WASH sector represents approximately 25% of Action Against Hunger’s operations; more than 250 projects have WASH components.

Action Against Hunger works with its partners to promote nutrition security and a nutrition-sensitive approach when responding to humanitarian crises, through a multi-sectoral response based on the conceptual framework of undernutrition. This approach combines nutrition and health, food security and livelihoods, mental health, health system strengthening, and creating a safe environment regarding water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). WASH interventions contribute to mitigating the consequences of hunger and addressing it’s root causes, by :

  • Improving the quality and access to drinking water and sanitation, and adapting hygiene and care practices in the communities in which we work
  • Limiting exposure to infectious diseases
  • Ensuring minimum WASH standards in emergencies and in medical facilities or schools in our intervention zones.
  • Promoting sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture with adequate water and soil management.
  • Engaging in collective efforts to address the root causes of hunger, including poverty, conflict, inequality, climate change, poor governance and insufficient political will.

In addition to these operational approaches, Action Against Hunger is a well-known actor in the areas of WASH advocacy, WASH-related research, and humanitarian coordination.

Objectives and scope of consultancy

In July 2021, the WASH department organized a workshop with WASH staff from Country Offices worldwide to discuss the new strategy. In September 2021, Action contre la Faim France held an internal 2-day workshop to draft a preliminary document, which received input from other Headquarters in the AAH network.

The objective of this consultancy is to develop Action Against Hunger’s WASH Strategy for the period 2021-2025. This strategy will be aligned with Action Against Hunger’s new International Strategic Plan, (ISP3) and will replace the 2018 WASH Policy.

The new strategy needs to be succinct, easily understandable and usable by WASH staff in our countries of operation. It needs to address the existing and emerging challenges in the sector, including gender mainstreaming, environment and climate change, linkages between WASH and other sectors, the Humanitarian-Development (and Triple) Nexus, market-based programing and WASH systems strengthening.

Main tasks

  • Review the 2021 workshop minutes, WASH policy 2018 and draft WASH strategy.
  • Participate in an initial briefing with Senior WASH advisors from across the network
  • Organize subsequent online briefings and a final validation workshop with WASH advisors from across the network
  • Solicit feedback on a draft document from ACF Country Offices
  • Solicit an external review by other organizations
  • Write-up of the final WASH strategy

The choice of methodology is left to the initiative of the consultant and will be an integral part of his/her technical proposal. It will be the subject of an open discussion with and validation by the Action Against Hunger WASH Department. The methodology will outline the consultative process and make us of use visual presentation formats where deemed appropriate.

Expected deliverables

  • Retroplanning outlining key steps and dates for the consultative process (1 day, at the start of the consultancy)
  • A document summarizing feedback from across the network (Headquarters and Country Offices, 5 days, at the end of the consultancy)
  • Final WASH strategy in English and French (24 days), including a limited set of principles, main areas of focus, measurable indicators and a list of tangible activities.

Key qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience in strategy development in the WASH sector
  • Demonstrated ability in convening different stakeholders within the WASH sector and building consensus
  • Demonstrated experience in report writing. The consultant should be fluent in written and spoken English and French.

How to apply

Timeline and application

Eligible period of work : from signing of contract until November 19th 2021.

Submission of offers : applications will be reviewed as received from September 27th 2021.

You may send your offer (methodology, max. 1 page, proposed budget with daily rate and your CV) to: Bram Riems, [email protected], and [email protected], with a copy to [email protected] An interview may be conducted to select the applicant.