Upgrading design specifications and support to the implementation of the first phase of the Nile Basin Regional Hydrological Monitoring System

Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
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Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has received a grant under the Project: Support to transboundary cooperation in the Nile Basin” from the European Union and the German Federal Government, through Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to payments under the contract for upgrading the system design specifications, support to procurement and implementation of the Nile Basin Regional Hydrological Monitoring System. The Nile Basin Regional Hydro‐Meteorological Monitoring System was designed as a regional system based on the existing national stations to monitor water quantity and quality (including sediment loads) in surface and groundwater resources, currently covering nine Nile riparian countries. The primary objective of the hydro‐meteorological monitoring system is to support NBI member states in collaborative monitoring of the shared Nile Basin water resources and jointly generate information products that support informed decision making. The overall system design includes hydro‐meteorological monitoring stations together with automated data transmission facility (satellite and GPRS based); enhanced water quality laboratories in NBI member states; data management system; and associated institutional and human capacity enhancement measures. The design of the Nile Basin Regional Monitoring System was completed in 2015 and was later approved by the Nile Council of Ministers (Nile‐COM) as priority for implementation.   Under the above project, the Nile Basin Initiative plans the implementation of the first phase of the system, which will focus on implementation of the hydrological monitoring component (ca 79 stations) complete with data transmission; data management; and institutional and human capacity strengthening measures.   The Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat now intends to employ the services of a suitably qualified consulting firm to strengthen its in‐house capacity for a smooth and timely implementation of the hydrological monitoring system.

The scope of the services, sub‐divided in two phased, includes:  

Phase 1: Upgrading design and preparation of the implementation of the hydrological monitoring system.  

1.1: Support to the preparation of implementation approach covering implementation arrangements with each NBI member state, NBI centers and other partner institutions.

1.2: Preparation of updated design specifications and revised cost estimates. The scope covers conceptual as well technical design specifications, including equipment specifications, working drawings and bills of quantities (BOQs). This task also includes preparing updated design of the data management, storage and processing system and revised cost.  

1.3: Develop detailed specifications of basin monitoring information products preliminary selected by NBI and that shall be used indicators of Nile Basin’s hydro‐meteorological conditions.

1.4: Develop and deliver detailed training modules to support installation and operation of stations and data management system.

1.5: Preparation of updated tender documents and implementation schedule, including revised packaging scheme (lots or work packages) for equipment and  on‐site works.

1.6: Provision of procurement support to NBI in the bidding process for an equipment supply framework contract.

Phase II – Implementation support for the hydrological monitoring system.

2.1: Delivery of trainings based on training modules prepared in Phase 1 to the target groups (technicians, data managers) in NBI countries where the hydrological monitoring system shall be installed.  

2.2: Technical supervision of installation, testing, quality control and commissioning of the hydrological monitoring system to ensure smooth and high standard implementation.  

The scope of services also includes stakeholder consultation and regular visit to the Nile Basin Initiative centers in Addis Ababa, Entebbe and Kigali as well as on‐site (field) presence for design and subsequent installation of the hydrological stations. It is foreseen that the consultant shall provide an international advisory pool for the design and a regional technician pool for implementation support. The consultant will work alongside a regional NBI Task Team including three regional monitoring experts that will oversee the overall process. The NBI Secretariat now invites suitable consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services.

The Expression of Interest shall include a cover letter and documentation (not more than 50 pages) providing information that indicates (at minimum): 1. Evidence of commercial registration and entry; 2. In case of consortia (or Joint Venture), declaration by each member of the consortium; 3. Average annual turnover in the last three financial years together with audited financial statements; 4. Description of core business and the years in business;   5. Client references of similar projects conducted in the last 10 years (at least 3 similar projects required); 6. Qualifications of the firm (or firms in a Joint Venture) in the field of the assignment, including short (2 page each) descriptions of at least 5 similar projects undertaken by the firm (or JV) – see evaluation criteria below; 7. Technical and managerial capabilities of the firm or JV, indicating number of staff by categories (management, technical and support) and the Qualifications of the key technical staff. 

The Consultant must be a Company or Joint Venture with demonstrated experience with high track record, at least 7 years, in design, tendering and implementation of hydrological monitoring systems, preferably in multi‐country setup. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality & Cost – Based Selection Method (QCBS) of the Nile Basin Initiative Procurement Guidelines. Firms shall be shortlisted based on the following criteria: a) Experience in preparation of design specifications for hydrological monitoring networks of similar complexity and size (a minimum of 3 assignments successfully completed in the last 10 years) b) Experience in providing consulting services for implementation of hydrological monitoring networks of similar size and complexity to the Nile Basin regional system covering aspects of equipment procurement; site (civil) works; quality control, testing and final commissioning of stations (at least 2 assignments successfully completed in the last 10 years) c) Financial management capacity: annual turnover not less than USD 0,75 million and   d) Technical capacity of the firm as evidenced by managerial and technical staffing of the firm or consortium;  

Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours from 08.30 to 12.30 hours and from 14.00 to 16.30 hours, Monday through Thursday. Contact: Procurement Officer; NBI Secretariat, Plot 12 Mpigi Road, Entebbe, Uganda E‐mail: . The NBI Secretariat must receive expressions of interest through the email address:    by 31th October 2018, at or before 16.00 hours local time in Entebbe. EOIs should be submitted only in electronic format (pdf, by email). A copy of the EOIs shall be sent to the Deputy Executive Director, at the e‐mail address: .

Detailed Expression of Interest can be downloaded here