Senior Water Resource Management Specialist “Building IWRM Knowledge Communities"

Global Water Partnership (GWP)
Stockholm, Sweden
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

JOB TITLE:                                                                             Sr. Water Resource Management Specialist

APPLICATION DEADLINE:                                                    31st October 2018

STARTING DATE:                                                                   February 2019 or earlier

LOCATION:                                                                             Stockholm preferred

DURATION:                                                                             1-2 years


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a multi-stakeholder platform supported by a global secretariat that was established as an intergovernmental organisation to support countries in their efforts to implement a more equitable and sustainable management of their water resources. The GWP network spans 13 regions with more than 3,000 institutional Partners in 180+ countries. The global secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden. More information:

Pressure on water is rising, and action is urgent. Gaps in access to water supply and sanitation, growing populations, more water-intensive patterns of growth, increasing rainfall variability, and pollution are combining in many places to make water one of the greatest risks to economic progress, poverty eradication, and sustainable development. Current  projections suggest we may face a 40% shortfall in water availability by 2030. The consequences of such stress are local, national, transboundary, regional, and global in today’s interconnected and rapidly changing world, felt disproportionally by the poorest and most vulnerable[1]. Civil Society, governments, the private sector – everyone must work together, across sectors and political boundaries, to find and implement solutions that ensure sustainable and universal access to safe water and sanitation.  The Global Water Partnership was set up to do just that – help convene key actors on multiple levels and foster good governance and decision making. 

The Partnership is rich in relationships, partners and knowledge, working across its network of 3000+ partners, with the many well organized and ‘switched on’ country water partnerships and/or its regional water partnership teams. The social and intellectual capital built over the years is strong and has allowed GWP to successfully contribute to country- or river-basin-level shifts towards better and more integrated water resource management.  Going forward, the Partnership will systematically invest in building a more vibrant global community, strengthening and sustaining its individual members and their impact through mutually useful flows of knowledge, ideas and innovation. Deliberately managing and building knowledge communities is a key part of the workprogram, in particular around key topics such as transboundary water resource management; flood and drought management; implementation of SDG6 and nexus programs; private sector mobilization; innovation; youth& water; and gender & water security.  The purpose of the knowledge communities is to boost knowledge creation and sharing, to mobilize action, and to create opportunities for partners to leverage each other in identifying solutions to address water management challenges. 

GWP has invested heavily over the years in its knowledge base, specifically the Integrated Water Resource Management Toolbox (“IWRM toolbox”) and by working through its Technical Committee (TEC), its Regional Technical Committees, and through other global and regional knowledge efforts[2]. Now, concept and practices of Integrated Water Resource Management are in need of innovation, revitalization, and updates, re-considering methods and tools from the user perspective, as are the tools and platforms used for sharing knowledge.


GWP’s global team is looking for a highly motivated, creative, and e-conversant Senior Water Resource Management Specialist who would bring a strong sense for the interface between community building and knowledge sharing to the Partnership.The position would shape and support the vibrancy and growth of the GWP community.Specifically, the Senior Water Resource Management Specialist would build a global IWRM knowledge community, stimulating discussion and the sharing of experience and insight across and beyond the Partnership, while also identifying and driving GWP’s Thought Leadership agenda by leveraging the TEC and other knowledge partners, and by leading efforts to ensure the IWRM Toolbox is and becomes a vital, often used and broadly owned instrument of the community’s knowledge communities.In achieving this, the position would work closely also with the thematically focused Specialists (e.g. Transboundary Water Management Specialist; Flood/Drought Management Specialist) on building the knowledge communities relevant for their themes.

This is a new position for GWP’s global team, and its introduction is intended to build and to amplify the effectiveness of GWP’s partner community through the facilitation of visible and shared conversations, building the dynamics of exchange and experimentation, infectious energy and an exponential intensification of learning and knowledge exchange on IWRM and associated themes.Our ambition is to engage a broader community in the work of the Global Water Partnership by engaging stakeholders beyond GWP, mobilizing individuals, organizations and communities to improve management of water resources at scale, to innovate, and to build markets, attract finance and strengthen institutions in support of good governance of water resources.It is a dynamic and high-energy role that will engage with the broad GWP community, leveraging the diversity of the knowledge generation that exists and which will develop through purposeful curation as much as through mobilization. This role requires a person with strong grounding in IWRM – both conceptually and in terms of practical application – while also bringing multi-disciplinary skills and an understanding of or at least keen interest in learning design, behavioral science, science to policy innovation and creating and marketing dynamic communities for exchange, learning, and capacity-building.  We will be able to offer training on the details and practicalities of some of the learning and pedagogy side; in the meantime, the successful candidate will have to bring the keen interest to work on an mobilize knowledge communities.

The Senior Water Resources Specialist will report to the Head Communications & Knowledge while being embedded within both the Communications and the Network Operations teams.  The Specialist will also work, directly and indirectly, with the Executive Secretary, all GWP management, staff and partners globally as well as with those in regional teams and countries.  S/he will be responsible for:

Strengthening and Building a Vibrant Innovation and Knowledge Community on Integrated Water Resource Management by working closely together with, inspiring and guiding GWP’s Network Officers and Regional teams as they:

  • Create strategies and work plans for mobilizing the GWP community to become an innovation and learning community on IWRM insights and practices, mapping and building relationships within the community, intensifying the flows between knowledge holders and receivers and increasing the interconnectedness between all members of the community, including GWP Partners.
  • Create and maintain principles and values which support self-organisation and self-sustenance of innovation and knowledge communities.
  • Introduce innovative methods to unlock knowledge from underutilized knowledge holders within the GWP Network.
  • Design and implement formal and informal methods to capture, codify and curate learning and knowledge – explicit and tacit.
  • Identify and create ways to showcase the innovation and creativity of various IWRM projects within the GWP Community to encourage learning across the community.
  • Identify IWRM relevant knowledge partners, entrepreneurs and other innovators within and outside the GWP Network and establish relationships for mutually beneficial formats to engage with GWP’s IWRM knowledge community.
  • Representing GWP at internal and external meetings, boards or committees as appropriate.

Re-Vitalize and Modernize the IWRM Toolbox and introduce other platforms as needed to allow the borader GWP Community tow work closely together in using, leveraging and strengthening the Toolbox, turning it into a “life” knowledge asset.  Specifically plan for, and implement, innovative changes for the GWP IWRM ToolBox to amplify its knowledge uptake and use, considering new forms, structures, and financing opportunities, making it the go-to source for water management knowledge.

Drive the Thought Leadership Agenda for GWP, including but not limited to IWRM, leveraging the talent, expertise and insight brought together by GWP’s Technical Community (TEC), GWP’s regional teams and country partnerships, and by the global team itself, by:

  • Working closely together with the TEC Chair, the Executive Secretary and the Head Communications&Knowledge in mapping out strategic opportunities for and bringing focus to the Thought Leadership Agenda;
  • Analyzing needs and interests of the broader GWP community in terms of guidance and/or thought leadership, knowledge creation and/or curation, and dissemination and/or uptake;
  • Coordinating key deliverables from across the global team, the TEC and the regions to ensure, together with others in the Network Operations and the Communications& Knowledge team, the thought leadership products are being taken up and used and able to support actions towards better water governance and management;
  • Working with GWP’s technical experts at all levels (e.g., the GWP Technical Committee, regional technical groups), to collect information on best practices and lessons learnt for review and transformation into innovative and new knowledge products.
  • Leading the development of “template” knowledge products to be used throughout the GWP Network (these may or may not include videos, fact sheets, infographics, online resource, etc.).

Work with Knowledge Management specialists in addressing GWP’s knowledge management needs, in particular in

  • Developing simple and easily applicable knowledge management strategies fitting with regional and thematical focus, including processes for capturing, organizing and developing information, experiences, insights and knowledge stories from the people in and outside the GWP Network.
  • Developing and implementing effective organizational tools for evaluating, assessing and communicating the impact of GWP’s work to improve existing practices and to inform decisions and programme management overall.
  • Ensuring knowledge capture and uptake in all projects at the global level and support with methods and tools to ensure integration, uptake and capacity-building in the regional and country level projects
  • Working with external IT and knowledge management providers to create efficient formats for information sharing, management and turning information into knowledge.
  • Contributing to strategic reviews, business planning and development of the organization as a whole, provide timely updates and reports to colleagues, Management Team and Governance bodies as needed.



  • University degree in a water-related field or in international affairs, communications, business, environmental studies with a water/environmental management related focus.
  • Water Resource Management insight and experience: At least 10 years’ relevant work experience, ideally in applying and/or promoting water resource management principles to solve real-life water challenges.  Fully aware of key challenges in the sector at large, ideally with experience in on-the ground implementation of Water Resource Management projects or initiatives. Ideally, in the course of doing so, experience in building innovation and learning communities, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. 
  • Learning and Behavior Change: Direct experience in (or if not: then exposure to) designing, hosting and managing partner-to-partner/South-to-South learning events and practices, promoting learning and behavior change, ideally with geographically distributed communities.  Ideally also experience in having applied concepts of behavioral psychology and/or applied sociology in some form of cultural or organisational change management; experience in data capture and analysis, in evaluating and assessing change and impact and improving capacity and practices a plus.
  • Relationship Management: Evidenced ability to build effective and sustainable relationships internally and externally.
  • Knowledge Managemen Technologies and Tools: Ideally experience in – and if not then openness and interest in and affinity to - knowledge management approaches, technologies, digital platforms and tools in solving knowledge management and community challenges.  This would include the ability to explain to others, in pragmatic “how to” language, the relevance of knowledge and learning and the value of “knowledge communities”.  Experience in supervising vendors a plus (ideally but not required: technology vendors).
  • Project management and comunications. Strong project management and communication skills.  Highly developed interpersonal skills and demonstrated competence in negotiation at the highest level.  Experience of having worked in or with multi-cultural settings.
  • Global development trends, sustainable development: Awareness of global development trends.  Experience of working and living in low-income and middle-income countries a plus.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English a must, knowledge of French and/or Spanish an advantage.


  • Professionalism: Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity. Demonstrates corporate knowledge, self-development and initiative-taking. Ability to work in a multi-cultural and international environment based on mutual respect and tolerance.  Ability to exercise good judgement, discretion and tact in handling sensitive issues.
  • Planning and Organizing:  Excellent organizational and task management skills, with appropriate attention to details and ability to prioritize work among multiple competing demands, and under tight deadlines.  Ability to manage multiple workflows at the same time. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment where adaptability is essential.
  • E-literacy: Excellent e-skills, including the ability to use modern office technology and related software. Practical knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software is required. Ability to do internet research, compile information and find solutions online to information gaps is essential.
  • Teamwork:   Support colleagues, contribute to team culture, and share responsibility for decision-making and results. Places team agenda before personal agenda. Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision; shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint responsibility.   Ability to “lead from behind” and work without direct authority to deliver timely and high quality products. 
  • Personal: A good sense of humor.  Love for nature, its beauty and its resources.  Willingness to 'get the job' done with a positive attitude to take on a wide range of tasks. Availability for longer travel to attend international meetings.

Please note:

Professionals with a background from and/or living and working in in Asian, African, Eastern European, Latin American, or Middle Eastern countries are particularly encouraged to apply.

GWP offers competitive remuneration as well as an attractive work environment, with flat hierarchies and fast decisions, and with great opportunities for professional exposure and growth.  The position, while new with GWP, is expected to be a long-term assignment and part of the core team.  The contract is initially offered for 1-2 years for administrative reasons.

Please send in your CV along with a motivation letter noting “WRM Specialist” in the subject, to  by Wednesday, 31st October 2018.

[1] From the High Level Panel on Water report: “Making Every Drop Count”, March 14, 2018, p. 7.

[2] The GWP suite of knowledge products address questions relating to Integrated Water Resource Management and its application in the context of, e.g. climate change adaptation, drought management, etc..  with over half of the nearly 1000 knowledge products originating from its regions and over two thirds being published in languages other than English.