Water management and control under climate and socio-economic change, Climate adaptation strategies for the Adda river basin via EURAXESS

Politecnico di Milano

Italy 🇮🇹


The interactions of climate change with the evolution of society, economy and technology are more and more challenging the management of water resources, particularly in systems characterised by multiple and often conflicting users. The research will develop a decision-analytic platform to support the identification of optimal management strategies for increasing the resiliency of water systems against ongoing and projected climatic and socio-technological changes, especially for coping with drought events. The developed methodologies will be demonstrated in the Adda River basin, with the goal of providing support to the planning of water management policies by increasing their sustainability, mitigating competing demands, and defining new adaptation options.

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Interview aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s aptitude for the research object of the selection

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Selection process

In order to participate in the selection, please read the call (“bando”) available at the following website: https://www.polimi.it/en/faculty-and-staff/calls-and-competitions/resear…

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