Senior Advisor to the Assistant Director General

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Seoul, Republic of Korea 🇰🇷

The year 2021 marks the first year of GGGI’s new Strategy 2030, which sets out GGGI’s vision and strategy to build on its success to date to support its Members in transforming their economies towards a green growth model and achieve their SDG targets and NDC commitments to the Paris Agreement. Over the coming decade, GGGI targets to increase cumulative green and climate finance commitments mobilized for its Members, from $2 billion today to $16 billion, and to support them to reduce GHG emissions by an estimated one million gigaton of CO2e, generate two million green jobs, provide sustainable services to 100 million people, save 0.5 million of hectares of forests and support 8 million people to cope with climate change.

The Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD) has a critical role in achieving the organizational target through Global Practice (GP), Community of Practice (CoP), and Thought Leadership (TL).  IPSD Assistant Director General (ADG) office is looking to strengthen IPSD operations through greater synergy and coordination within IPSD and with country teams to deliver on organizational strategy 2030.


The Senior Advisor will provide strategic advice to ADG when ADG is coordinating and integrating various IPSD operations to ensure effective delivery of program and projects. The Senior Advisor will assist ADG in reviewing IPSD global practice ongoing projects/programs, COP related activities, and guiding directions to IPSD global practice and COP. The Senior Advisor will be assisting ADG’s review of major products developed by CAID, CPU and KLU, and support ADG to guide the direction.  

The Senior Advisor is also responsible, under the guidance of ADG, for coordination and supporting all GGGI country teams through Global Investment Services (GIS) Global Practice and COP to develop and implement projects and programs coherently and in line with GGGI’s 2030 strategy and five-year implementation roadmap. 

The Senior Advisor will be assisting ADG to develop new resources from various donors from the governments, and public and private sectors.  For the purpose, the Senior Advisor will manage the relationship with donors, and develop new possible opportunities of collaborating with potential donors and developing proposals to them. 

The Senior Advisor will also work with KLU for the development of proposals on creation of trust funds and project specific resources from Korea ministries and Korea ODA agencies from the perspective of strategic and technical leads. The Senior Advisor also supports ADG’s representation and outreach activities, and program expansion efforts as required by the ADG.


  • Provide strategic advice and recommendations to ADG for ensuring effective delivery from projects, programs, bilateral and multi-donor funds housed in IPSD and efficient GGPI-IPSD integration at operation level.
  • Support ADG to coordinate with country teams in developing a strong pipeline of bankable and sustainable clean infrastructure projects in-line with GGGI Strategy 2030 and programs that will deliver green and inclusive transformational change.
  • Assist ADG to develop new global initiative to address common challenges in develop member countries, capitalize such initiatives, and coordinate the delivery of such programs with country teams.
  • Support ADG to develop proposals, in close collaboration with KLU, on creation of trust funds and project specific resources from Korea ministries and Korea ODA agencies from the perspective of strategic and technical leads.
  • Assist ADG to advance collaboration and integration of IPSD technical teams in country team project proposals.
  • Support ADG to ensure overall synergy and integration between IPSD and GGP&I.


  • Assist ADG in guiding and coordinating with IPSD CoPs, Global Practice and GGGI country RDs/CRs in strengthening the pipeline of green investment project/ programs and developing new global initiatives for results delivery in-line with GGGI Strategy 2030.
  • Assist ADG to capitalize new initiative in close coordination with ODG, GGPI and support ADG to manage relations with donor representatives, attend important donor meetings, and develop a plan for accessing these earmarked funding opportunities.
  • Support ADG to develop in-country networks and partnerships with national/regional institutions and donors to maintain positive organization profile
  • Support ADG in conducting various activities and reviewing outputs in line with the mandate of IPSD work


  • Strengthening of ADG’s office operations ensuring synergy and coordination between various IPSD operations.
  • Provide hands-on support to ADG in collaborating with regional directors and country representatives in delivery of global programs and represent IPSD in consultations with other division at the HQ.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to ADG in finding funding opportunities for developing global project/program and writing proposals, implementing, and reporting process, so that such programs should be coherent with GGGI’s 2030 Strategy, and five-year roadmap.
  • Develop proposals under the guidance of ADG, in close collaboration with KLU, on creation of additional trust funds and project specific resources from Korea ministries and Korea ODA agencies from the perspective of strategic and technical leads.
  • Support ADG to build and maintain a comprehensive approach to maximize synergy between GGPI and IPSD in identifying project opportunities, developing a proposal, and effectively delivering results
  • In close collaboration with relevant divisions including HR unit, advise ADG to analyze skills in country teams, identify opportunities for program shift and/or expansion in line with 2030 strategy, find gaps and areas for organizational investment, and provide strategic recommendation to the MT for possible solutions
  • Provide professional advice to ADG on the development of GCF concept notes, large project proposals and other PIN review



  • Advanced university degree in areas such as international business or economics with further financial / economics training, urban/ civil engineering, business administration or another related field
  • Substantive relevant experience (at least 5-7 years), with sound understanding of climate & green finance
  • Hands-on project management experience, an ability to efficiently manage a large number of activities simultaneously and to navigate through complex environments
  • Experience in establishing strong governance structures for new financial mechanisms.
  • Experience accessing and structuring finance for climate investments.
  • Experience of working with international climate finance institutions, particularly technical aspects of mitigation and adaptation activities
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Experience working in developing countries on climate and development issues.


  • Experience in at least one of the following areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, small & medium enterprise development, low carbon transport, urban and water infrastructure financing, climate smart agriculture, and climate resilient development
  • Demonstrated relationship-building and facilitation skills.
  • Resourceful and able to develop and operationalize strategies to achieve outputs and outcomes
  • Knowledge of and experience in adhering to internationally agreed environmental and social safeguards (ESS) and gender-sensitive design requirements.
  • Profound understanding on financial instruments, infrastructure project development, economic/financial analysis of infrastructure investment
  • Experience with project finance, and private or public sector projects,
  • Strong analytical and modeling skills, with full knowledge of excel functions


  • Project management: Proven ability to independently plan, manage and complete projects that deliver quality outcomes in a timely and inclusive manner.
  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to deliver products or presentations that are concise, easy to understand and influential.
  • Influencing change: Track record of engaging effectively to secure buy in, underpinned by strong listening, trust building, influencing, facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Team player: Capacity to be selfless team member, to operate across organizational boundaries, and maintain a resilient, positive and results-focused mindset in a dynamic environment.
  • Promotes an organizational culture of trust, transparency, respect and partnership


  • Please submit CV, Cover Letter in English.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted separately later and be requested to submit a writing sample.