Valuing Water Initiative Programme Coordinator

Valuing Water Initiative

Den Haag, Netherlands

The Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency (RVO) is looking for a coordinator for the completion of the Programme “Valuing Water Initiative” (VWI).

RVO is implementing VWI jointly with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa) and the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) through a programmatic approach.

The VWI is a direct outcome of the High-Level Panel on Water (HLPW). In March 2018, the High-Level Panel on Water (HLPW) released its outcome document ‘Making Every Drop Count’ and recommended that we all understand, value and manage water better. The HLPW defined 5 principles to value water better and triggered the Valuing Water Initiative (VWI) to put these into practice. The Valuing Water Initiative calls for water to be prioritized in decision making through the application of the Valuing Water Principles in different water value chains and sectors. We work collaboratively with stakeholders, both inside and outside the water sector, to encourage governments, industries and civil society to bring about the systemic change required to understand, value and manage water to ensure we can live in a sustainable water-secure world. We aim to increase awareness of the many values of water and ensure the collection of best practices and lessons learned on how to identify the value of water in its numerous competing uses are shared between communities, cities and countries. We believe the Valuing Water Principles can only be truly and fully implemented via systems change (check out our conceptual framework for more information).

The VWI was initiated by The Netherlands government, but its workstreams and partners are global. You can read more about VWI at:

Along with a senior advisor and a junior advisor, you will be part of VWI’s executive team based at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in The Hague, The Netherlands, within the International Water Programmes Team of the Department of International Development of RVO. The VWI team is supported by a Communications advisor, a Dutch Programme advisor and RVO-secretariat. The team is advised by a VWI policy team, which consists of three advisors form the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Water and Infrastructure, and also by an advisory board composed of eight independent members. You can read more about the VWI team at:

The VWI team will work together to achieve two main objectives between 2021-2023:

  • Implement the ongoing workstreams to ensure expected deliverables are successful.
  • Engage with partners to find a suitable third party to take over VWI in 2023.

Your tasks will include, amongst others:

  • Working closely with the executive team on driving VWI’s key deliverables.
  • Leading, building and driving VWI workstreams.
  • Involving relevant and diverse sets of people in the initiative for their expertise and network.
  • Creating an engaging and collaborative environment for VWI’s stakeholders.
  • Coordinating and overseeing hiring, procurement, contracting in close cooperation with the international water programmes team manager.
  • Liaising with VWI’s several advisors, consultants and partners and involving them where relevant.
  • Working with the secretariat and advisors to ensure implementation and progress on tasks.
  • Along with the communications advisor, design a profiling plan for VWI so that its work is visible, understood and made attractive to external parties who can potentially take VWI over.
  • Designing an exit strategy for VWI which includes a plan to engage various external partners and parties and to decide how VWI will be handed over.

We expect you to have:

  • Minimum 10 years of experience of working in sustainability topics, preferably on water related themes such as water policy, integrated water resources management or water-related sectors.
  • An ability to demonstrate significant past experience in profiling new initiatives, bringing stakeholders on board, engaging and shaping exit strategies.
  • International experience in working on complex solutions and understanding contextual dynamics is a must.
  • Ability to connect complex societal challenges in the private and public domain with a complex international policy environment.
  • Experience of working with or within the Dutch or other governments is highly desirable.
  • A diverse skillset to think beyond content delivery, but address other pillars of VWI like communications strategies, knowledge pieces and engaging leaders.
  • Intellectual curiosity about the dynamics of inequality and societal change and systemic change.

And a demonstrated ability to:

  • Execute initiatives and work plans efficiently, drive and manage projects within timelines;
  • Structure, organize and manage processes.
  • Network with diverse stakeholders (public and private sectors, NGOs and academia).
  • Connect to a large number of experts (water and non-water) quickly.
  • Apply strong analytical skills and be creative in problem solving.
  • Distil input from various perspectives to what is most relevant.
  • Realistically and pragmatically approach ideas and concepts.
  • Stay productive in pressure and chaos.
  • Understand complexities but address and communicate them to simply.
  • Be optimistic when Plan A doesn’t work out.
  • Be a team player who is able to take people along and engage with diverse stakeholders.
  • Have high fluency in English.