Local recruitment: Wastewater Engineer

MAGNA Engineering

Calgary, AB, Canada 🇨🇦

MAGNA Engineering is an innovative and team-oriented engineering company seeking individuals who will fit well into our dynamic, collaborative team that tries to disrupt the status quo. Our ideal candidates are reliable, friendly, positive, confident, energetic, and enjoy working in a small, fast-paced office environment.


  • Naturalized, passive wastewater treatment design;
  • Actively embrace and participate in MAGNA’s engaging, high-energy, dynamic, and innovative culture that aims to disrupt the field of stormwater management, wastewater treatment, and alternative design services;
  • Spend your days conceptualizing and developing solutions based on project requirements and company standards through creative problem solving, triple bottom line perspectives, and simulations/modeling to support design analysis;
  • Aid in furthering the development and implementation processes that improve MAGNA’s wastewater services to deliver quality outputs;
  • Meet MAGNA’s quality standards, processes, and methods while maintaining working knowledge of relevant technologies and best practices, and upholding federal, provincial, and municipal regulations;
  • Monitor industry trends and implement appropriate methods to keep production on the cutting edge, while meeting financial goals and providing cost savings to clients; and
  • Develop, train, and educate new and junior colleagues, and act as a technical liaison between customers, stakeholders, collaborators, and project team members.