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Women for Water Partnership (WfWP)

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Terms of Reference Assessor grants program Women for Water (giz funded)

Period /duration: 12 October – 15 November 2021

Budget available: max. 3.000 euro incl. VAT. (if the number of proposals to be assessed is lower than 20, the amount will be less)

Very recently, WfWP received a grant from giz, Germany. This grant includes the possibility to give a few small grants to women’s organizations- members of WfWP – for activities related to water and sanitation.

More information about WfWP:

These small grants serve three purposes:
– enable women’s organizations to do an initially short-term project related to water (water for food, water for energy, etc.), sanitation, hygiene;
– test the method of disbursement for the future development of a more continuous fund (without making any promises);
– enable women to carry out and implement water and sanitation related activities through which they empower themselves.

Budget available is maximum 5,000 euro per organization (the requested amount can be lower). The number of organizations that will be awarded a grant, depends on how many applications have been received. If the requested budget total is higher than the amount available, the most feasible proposals (ranked) will be approved until our budget is exhausted. We expect to be able to provide about 10 grants.

The duration of the project should be maximum 6 (six) months, carried out between January and August 2022.

The grant can be used for activities that are related to water and sanitation in the broadest sense. Examples are: organization development /strengthening, all kinds of training, communication, advocacy, data and info collection, hiring an expert to assess the situation as information/strategy for a future project /activity, partnership building, etc. Ultimately, the activity should demonstrate its impact on improved access to water and sanitation and hygiene, and/or on irrigation or water quality, but also on women’s empowerment.

The activity must be new or significantly different from /and at a next stage and not a duplication of the results of a previously completed project.

The assessment of proposals received will take place in two stages:
– basic criteria – if not complied with, no further assessment of the proposal will be done;
– meeting the criteria on content/feasibility and quality of the proposal, and ranking compared to
other proposals.

The proposal format is very simple and rather short.

The assessment will be done by an external, independent accessor. Her/his advice will be sent to the full Steering Committee for approval.

Tasks of the Assessor:
– check the information on the basic criteria /requirements submitted;
– prepare a message to be send out by the secretariat of WfWP if these criteria are not met by the proposer (this means that the content will not be assessed further);
– assess the eligible proposals on content, purpose, feasibility, quality aspects;
– rank the proposals and motivate the ranking (including strong and weak points);
– liaise with the designated SC members to see if a proposer should be approached to ‘repair’ some minor issues (or not) within a very short time frame;
– prepare a report for the Steering Committee stating the result of the assessment, ranking and advice for awarding the grants.

Competences of the Assessor:
– proven knowledge of water and sanitation issues and their link to women’s empowerment / issues;
– proven experience (> 5 years) with evaluation / assessment of proposals;
– fluent in English (writing and speaking);
– statement if there might be a possible conflict of interest / involvement of / with one of the proposing organizations (if so their / that proposal will be assessed by somebody else);
– availability in the given time frame.

The Assessor will report to the Steering Committee member coordinating this call: Lesha Witmer.
Expressions of interest are welcome before 30 September at [email protected]
accompanied by a CV and estimate of fee requested

10 days remaining

Apply by 30 September, 2021