Postdoctoral Fellows (4)

Cape Town, , ZA

Four post-doc positions are available at the newly formed interdisciplinary
Future Water Institute which will is based at the University of Cape Town.
The focus will be on alleviating water scarcity under four themes: ‘New Taps’
— New Water Resources; ‘Blue-Green Infrastructure’ — Water Sensitive Design
and Management; ‘Adapting to Change’ — building resilience/government and
policy; and ‘Maximising Value’ — maximising value from minimal and shrinking
resources. The Institute promotes an interdisciplinary approach combining
aspects of social anthropology, social science and political and
public-policy studies, engineering, environmental and biological sciences,
public health, law, sustainability science, the built environment including
architecture, and economics. It is anticipated that one new postdoctoral
fellow will be appointed to each of the above four research themes and that,
collectively, the postdoctoral fellows will span a range of disciplines.

Suitable candidates must have, within the past five years, graduated, or
shortly expect to graduate, with a PhD in an appropriate discipline, but they
may not have held any prior permanent professional or academic posts. They
must have a keen interest in team-based, interdisciplinary research which
focuses centrally on the challenges faced in attempts to alleviate water
scarcity, and on means to address those challenges, as well as on
socio-political challenges that arise from attempting to implement those
means. Candidates for the postdoctoral fellowship will be expected to
demonstrate significant research experience and/or be in the process of
generating a peer-reviewed publication record.

To apply, candidates are invited to send a CV, including research experience,
a list of research outputs and the contact details of two appropriate
referees by e-mail to [email protected] by no later than 5 September

More information about Future Water is available at