RFP to Assess the Demand for WSS Financing among the Farming Community and the Scope for Channelizing WSS Lending through Farmer Producer Organization via DevNetJobsIndia


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Request for Proposals

To assess the demand for WSS financing among the farming community and the scope for channelizing WSS lending through Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)   

Response deadline: 15th September, 2021 by 5:00pm IST  

Water.org requests proposals from research firms (consultant) to conduct an assessment for the demand for WSS financing among the farming community and the scope for channelizing WSS lending through the Farmer Produce Organizations (FPOs) 


Water.org has been at the forefront of developing and delivering solutions to the water crisis for more than?two decades.?Founded by?Gary White?and Matt Damon, Water.org challenges the traditional approach by pioneering innovative, community-driven, and market-based solutions to ensure all people have access to safe?water and sanitation?(WSS); giving women hope, children health, and?communities?a?future. Water.org?has?positively transformed the?lives of more than thirty-six million?individuals in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean by providing access to safe water and improved sanitation.?Water.org’s?headquarters is in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.?In India,  Water.org has reached to 15.2 million of people with access to safe water and sanitation with the help of grants awarded from different funding sources. In India, Water.org has been partnering with MFIs, PSB banks, private banks, self-help promoted institutions (SHPIs) and govt. institution across 24 states of India. More can be found on the organisation’s website.  


The assessment study will require the research firm to coordinate and interact with Water.org staff and other stakeholders, along with conducting a desk review (research) of existing literature/reports to gather information on POPIs and FPOs in India, different state’s scenario. This will help to understand the existing situation and their existing challenges, financing sources and recommend suitable financing solutions for addressing the problems in accessing WSS facilities.   


  • To understand the level of awareness and importance of water & Sanitation?and?credit financing?for WASH?among the?POPI/FPO organisation and the?FPO members.? 
  • To?assess?the?potential?demand for?WSS?services?among the POPI/FPO and their member households.? 
  • To?assess?the?interest for facilitating WSS lending at the FIs & Institutional level?and assess the challenges that POPI/FPOs foresee  
  • To?assess the capacity of POPI and FPOs to mobilise and facilitate WSS financing to their member household? 

For more details, please go through the attached RFP and Budget excel template 

Download Attachment:RfP for POPI-FPO Assessment.v1.pdf
Water.org Project Budget_Template.xls