Dear all,

Josh’s Water Jobs launched a little over 3 months ago and we are very happy with how things are going thus far and look forward to continue to enhance your experience as you search for jobs and look to improve on your career development. 

Since some time has passed and you’ve been using the site for a while now, we thought it the moment to get some feedback to see how we can improve the website.  We want to make the site as user-friendly as possible and look to add features that you find useful.

First note is that we’ve opened up a comment section on the blog, as I’d like you all to engage and participate more on the website itself.  This will be a first small step and we’ll look at adding other mechanisms down the road.  The comments section will be moderated (by me), so please be kind, considerate, on topic with regards to your posts and a bit patient as I won’t always be able to moderate them immediately.

(If you missed part I)

On to the second half of how I came to do what I do in the water community…

As I mentioned in the welcome blog post, I have the goal to blog every other week or so about issues in career development related to water.   This is to not only provide more than just jobs on this website, but for me to keep some of the personal side that I have been concerned about losing when moving to a website from the original listserv.  I’m a bit late in getting that started, but here we go…

In conjunction with the launch of the website, I’m also writing the first blog on Josh’s Water Jobs. 

This website is going to be an entirely new endeavor for me (and Hank, JWJ’s technical co-founder), taking what has been a labor of love of the last five years in the form of a water jobs listserv and formalizing it into a website.