IWRA/JWJ Career Development Webinar Series

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As mentioned a few weeks ago when letting you know about the International Water Resources Association’s (IWRA) World Water Congress that will take place in May/June later this year, I hinted that Josh’s Water Jobs was going to partner with IWRA on a few activities.

The first of these will be a webinar series on career development.  We will combine forces to put together panels to discuss certain topics of career development as they relate to the water community.  We developed a list of topics that we thought would be of most interest to you all and we’re going to put it to you which ones we should carry out.  In the survey below, please rank the 10 topics we’ve selected.  The idea is to start with the first one sometime in May and conduct one per month following that.

So, vote for your favorite topic and we’ll make them happen!

Survey closes Friday, 31 March. Results will be tallied and a date will be shared for the first webinar topic in next week's email digest.


Thanks for taking this

Thanks for taking this initiative!

Subjects for water webinar

Something about all the different water data resources that exist out there and how to use them for your work

Thanks for organizing!

Thanks for organizing!

This is a great development.

This is a great development. Thanks.

seminar series

Hai Josh, good idea.

must be me but I do not find a list?
Suggestions: how to enhance careers of women in the water sector; how to get more female professionals in the sector and what is needed for that.
sex-dissagregated data of men and women working in the sector and how to collect them (e.g. the methodology developed by UNESCO-WWAP).
How to bridge the gender pay gap?

Greets and happy to assist.

Subjects for water webinar

career options and trends in water for the next 2-5-10 (?) years


Josh, I don't see a list of potential topics. Please double check. Thanks!

Hi Catherine. The survey

Hi Catherine. The survey closed. Sorry!

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